Tree removal

Good afternoon,

I have been cutting down trees these last few days. I had help from Durby Jr yesterday. Over the last three days twenty five trees have been cut down and six loads of wood have been moved using my cart. I planned to burn yesterday but the rains soaked everything so I cut down more trees. Durby Jr sharpened the axes, hatchets and clippers. His sharpening enabled us to cut down sixteen trees in thirty minutes. We have another six acres to clear and they all look like this.renderedcontent-1e2963cb-a373-4320-90f6-3e1d8870b3d9

The temperatures dropped from around 70 to 30 today and will remain in the 30’s for a few days. I plan to continue cutting down a few overgrown privets every day until all of them are removed. Here is what we have cleared so far.renderedcontent-1d92bf40-1de0-457e-82f6-8b065e97eba4

We got in one dump run this month so far. I am not hopeful that there will be another run this month though as Durby Jr is very busy for the rest of the month. I will be moving the metal out of the woods as I cut down trees. I am also cleaning up the old wood pile a few loads at a time.renderedcontent-5d564dff-54c5-4d01-b5a6-c6a9dfaf754a

I hope to get some sewing done this weekend, but we shall see.


The last few days.

Good Evening,

I have been having trouble since last Friday, getting wordpress website to allow me to blog. I might be switching to a new site if this continues.

Well on Saturday I discovered that making spaghetti sauce was a bust. The first thing that went wrong was trying to use my small hole food mill to process them. Thawed tomatoes are mushy and do not work well in a food mill, much better in a food processor, I used a Ninja. Now when I grew these roma tomatoes I did not use any chemicals, no organic’s or synthetics. I used our rabbit manure as fertilizer. In most of the tomatoes as I cut them up to process there were frozen bugs. A worm or such, dark grey it appeared. I am a squeamish single mother homesteader. Soooo I threw the tomatoes out. This year I will use organic pesticides and perhaps companion planting to aid in bug control. This was my first year growing so many tomatoes and it was a steep learning curve.

After the yucky tomato bugs we went outside. My youngest two lasted 2 hours with a snack in the idle before they gave up letting me work. I moved 6 wheelbarrows full of wood today. I should be able to start burning early tomorrow and burn till 3pm. I have plenty to burn. My plan is to clean up the wood pile on the far lot of property then clean up this lot. I do not have access to water where the wood is and the ground is rock hard, so I move it to near the fire pit and burn it there.

On Sunday I burned all that was moved and relaxed. The fire gets so hot my face is burned lightly after a few hours..

Monday I spent the day organizing our home after having the kids’ home for three weeks. That took most of the time they were at school. I did work on some PJs for my youngest Durby iii.

Then today I had help from Durby Jr. We went and cut down 20 trees ranging from 1 inch to 5 inches. I also moved 5 loads of wood in the cart I got for my birthday from Sandra and Durby Sr. It is also tumbling night so the kids had a blast in their tumbling classes.

I hope your days are as blessed as ours.




Tomatoes done!

Good Evening,

I managed to get all the tomatoes pealed and I have started cutting them up. I am going to use the food mill I got for Christmas and try to keep the seeds out. It will take several hours to cook it down and can it. I might get to this tomorrow. We also got outside today as the high temperature was 44. The kids helped me move two wheel barrows of dead weeds and two full of sticks. The riding lawnmower is still in pieces so I could not use the cart I got for my birthday. I hope to move more tomorrow to prepare for burning Sunday before we go pick up Frankie. We sure have missed her while she visits her dad.

I ordered some fleece from JoAnns that was drastically reduced and it came it today. I still search for fabric sold less than the cost of the clothing item the kids need. I do not find it often but when I do I sew the kids clothing. This fabric will make fleece pj sets for less than Walmart sells them for. The kids have outgrown most of the pjs I made them last year. Trinity is excited for new pjs.

I also ordered a table top easel as I want to try my hand at painting and drawing. It came today too. I think I might get some time Monday if it rains to try my hand at it. I hope your day is as blessed as ours.


Peeling tomatoes, and lawnmower blades.

Good Evening,

I have been peeling frozen tomatoes for two days now and I have three pounds eft till all fifteen pounds are done. Then it is time to make spaghetti sauce. I had hope to be further along than this, but we got outside today. Getting outside after being cooped up for four days was wonderful. We did not get out for very long only a few hours. We are considering breeding our rex rabbits to continue the pedigree program. The rabbit’s water did not freeze completely last night and it will be warmer tonight. So far we have been very lucky that we have had only one water bottle bust.

Unfortunately we did have a casualty on the homestead today. The old wheelbarrow I brought with me when we came broke a handle when I was attempting to move the feed down to the animals. The bucket is rusted through in a few spots so we will not be repairing it. I did get a new one for my birthday last year so we are not going to buy a new one either. It was a sad farewell as I had that wheel barrow for years.

We also started the process of changing the blades on the riding lawnmower. That took up the most time. We did get the deck off, but were unable to break the nut holding the blades free. We did spray it with WD40 and will be working on it more tomorrow. The kids had a blast playing on the swing set while we did this. I managed to fix the glider today so they spent most of the time on it.

I hope your days are as blessed as ours.



Happy New Year!

Good Evening,

I hope everyone’s celebrations were wonderful. I went to bed early as I have the kids home on winter break and need my sleep.  I have set some goals for the new year. I plan to clear the area from the street to the pond. I plan to install new fencing around the chicken yard. I also plan to sell the vegetables I harvest at the local market or at the front of the property. Lastly I plan to blog at least 5 times a week. With all the kids in school ,  have several free hours a day to accomplish these goals.

Today the temperature was in the teens. It was really to cold to be outside so I kept the kids entertained by doing some of the crafts they got for Christmas.

First they painted abut four pictures each then they started mosaics. Trinity loved it and completed two of hers. Durby iii though only got half way with one.

I also used one of my Christmas gifts today. I chose to try and make blackberry jelly instead of Blackberry jam. I failed but I got a lot closer! I made two and a half pints of blackberry jam that is really low in pulp, but still not to jelly. I used my food mill I got from Durby Sr and Sandra. It worked like a charm.


Tomorrow it will be a little warmer and I hope to get outside and move some wood. I also plan to attempt spaghettis sauce! I might only get the tomatoes peeled and thawed though. I hope the kids are as well behaved as they where today. As it will till be far to cold to have them outside.

Here is my recipe for the Blackberry Jam I made

3 cups berry juice with minimal pulp

3 cups sugar

2.2 oz pectin

Pressure canned at 6 lbs for 8 minutes.

I know you do not have to pressure can these, I just do not have a pt deep enough to allow for the inch of water over the lid to do the boiling method.

Goodnight and I hope your day is blessed!



Attack of the ants. 

Good morning everyone! It has been a long hard battle that we thought we might be losing. When we first moved here we noticed a good number of ant beds all around the properties. We assumed they were all fire ants and poisoned every mound we could find. After that I noticed several more tiny ant beds they had changed their strategy. I tried to poison as many as I could, but the smaller ant beds were harder to find. It was then I started to get afraid. Before long they found it to our home. So they deciced to move in. I thought they were just traveling very long distances for food and water. But now they are among us living and traveling in the walls. I thought about charging them rent and when I tried they just looked at me puzzlingly since i do not speak ant nor can they read a lease agreement. 

They appear to be small carpenter ants. They love to take apart our stairs one tiny piece at a time and build fortifications for their subterranean labyrinth. They are in our home as well so more than likely they are taking that apart too. That is where we began to get really afraid. There are possibly over a million of them, they are Negan, they have the numbers. 

Lisa researched, which she is awesome at and I love that about her, and she found some bait poisons for their tiny exoskeletal butts.  Hopefully this will lure and kill them so we do not have to find them all. 

I fortified what is left of the stairs to buy us more time. 

We will keep you posted on our progress and let you know if we gain back any ground. Suggestions are very welcome. Until next time be safe, healty, happy, and prosperous. 

God Bless, 

           Durby Jr.

Our peppers are starting to come in.

Good afternoon,

Our tomatoes are doing great.

And our peppers are coming in.

I am so glad I made a harvest basket to carry everything in.

We are putting in our bean poles!

We use privets we cut down when we are clearing the forest. We will string yarn from one to the next and put skinnier poles in between the thick ones. 

That’s all for now!

Blessing be with y’all!


Still deciding if we want to plant more corn.

Good evening, We have worked deligently since our last post. We have all our beans and okra planted. We also planted about 300 corn and are still deciding if we want to plant more. 

Our green arrow peas are coming in.

And blackberries are already going strong. We made jam today! Our first batch of the season.

Our youngest gelped digg the gardens these last few days.

And we are still getting good amounts of our organically grown spinach in.

We plan to start our flowers later this week as soon as we decide wether or not to plant more corn. We started digging the flower garden already. And we planted some potted plants.

We got some burning done and cleared more mulch from the front yard. Tomorrow will be another busy and happy day!

Blessings be with y’all