Another rainy cold day.

Good afternoon!

So again I have a few minutes before my oldest two girls get home from school, this seems to be a good time for me to post about the first half of our day. Its really raining hard at times here and its LOUD. Now since I have live under shingled roofs my whole life until we moved here well, I never knew just how load rain on a tin roof is. A sprinkle can sound like a down pour hahaha. Tomorrow if the weather permits we will work outside again, but for today I busied myself on our inside projects, cleaning and paperwork.

As with every morning we moved our plants from the bathroom to our bed to get what sunlight they can, our green peas are getting so big! Our blackberry bushes have little leave buds on them and all but our greens are doing great inside. Next time I wont start lettuce, spinach or collards inside.

I worked for a bit on our master bedroom curtains. They will be geometric shapes of various blue cotton prints with a white gauze backing. I really like the idea and I have been stalling out due to fear of messing up. I dont have a pattern just kinda throwing it together. We are using one of the saplings we cut down for a curtain rod and since I already had all the cloth and thread this will costs us under 2 dollars.

We also candled today and got the JOY of seeing 14 squirming baby chicks!! The other ten have till friday to show us a squirming chick or out they go! I do not want the eggs exploding as I have heard the can do. Since that I have read will kill the chicks next to them…ewwwww and talk about GROSS!

And for the last hour or so I have been working on the layout for our big garden or the are which we are using the plow. I think I have almost figured it out, and after Durbs and Gpa look it over I will print it out. I still need to select a spot for the flower garden and a herb garden.

Other than that I did the typical cleaning and chasing of two young brats around our home 😀 Now to work more on the Batman Mask I am designing as I go.

If anything wonderful happens tonight I will update ya’ll!

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