Good evening!

Well, I have some time to post and I am excited about our accomplishments today! In the few hours since the last post my homemade wheat bread came out of the oven and was a huge hit. I personally thought it was too bland but the kids and hubby ate one of the two loaves. I figure I will have to make bread every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to keep up with the large amount my family goes through. This will definitely lower the amount of trips we make to town and thus save us both time and money, since the closest grocery store is about 25 mins away.

We tried out the new flashlight and could see a baby chicken in one egg, but need a darker room for most of the others since they are brown not white. But we got one!!! So excited!! If all 24 hatch, we have discussed this, and will buy a chicken coop instead of building one since we would need a rather large one to hold them all. The eggs we got have a 70% hatch rate so if all hatch that is one huge blessing from God! Since for us to have scrambled eggs it takes a dozen.These chickens and roosters will definitely pay for their keep.

Both of my older two girls brought home A’s today. My oldest Anny is working hard since some of her classes are a grade above her. And Frankie hates spelling but if she’s good at school and does her homework quickly she gets to bake, which she loves, so she’s turned around. Trinity helped clean up the kitchen and her room which for a three-year old is amazing. Our youngest Durby III, well he went to bed without a huge fight and let us change his diaper without major break downs. Now our nightly routines of baths and showers fills the air with the smell of tea tree oil.. By the way that stuff STINKS.

I have started my first crochet Batman hat. I decided to make my own pattern since I have done hooded scarves with ears this can’t be all that hard. I found a free pattern for a ski mask with eye holes to get me started but I can already tell there will have to be major modifications for it to work as a batman mask. This is all thanks to Celeste sending me a pin on pinterest. Durbs today is getting some game time on Skyrim and then its back to the grind. We are very happy he is done with his masters this summer. I hope to finish opening my two other stores. I will add links as they open. One for simple sewing I think and the other for random crafting and some crochet. I only get time to post hen my kids are asleep either for naps or at night. See ya’ll tomorrow afternoon! Sweet dreams and blessings!

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