Good evening!

I was supposed to wait till tomorrow to candle again, but I was way to excited! I waited till sunset and turned off the lights and wala we candled all 24 eggs! We were very surprised that instead of 14 babes we say 22!!!!! There are two I am concerned wont produce but its hard to tell at this point. We are somewhere between 7-9 days of growth. Anny used my phone and was able to capture a picture of one of our larger babies. There is one dark spot for the head and the second is the baby’s body. I will candle again Saturday and then Monday to track growth and to ensure we remove the dead ones. I also noticed that the bubble of air is to large, so we are adding water to the incubator to raise the humidity to slow the air bubble from enlarging so fast.

I also made more bread today and it was much better than the last set, Trinity helps me knead it :). I even had to tell them the had to save the second loaf for tomorrows lunches. I tried it and it was sweeter and tastier. I want to try adding herbs or honey to my bread soon, but that will have to wait a few months due to funding.

Our recipe for bread is ultra simple 2.5 cups hot water, 3 tbsp lard/crisco/butter, one tbsp salt, 3 tbsp sugar, 6.5 cups flour and half a ounce of Yeast( or two packages). Bake at 325 for 45. The only hard part is the kneading for 8 minutes wowzers that is a workout!. Here is the address to the recipe we use. It makes to loaves and we go through one a day. It makes 6 sandwiches for us but we do not slice thin.

I woke up late today around 9 am, this cold is still dragging me down. Durbs and I moved all the plants again today to get some sun, if tomorrow is warm enough I will move them outside for the sunny time. We have another stray cat show up and I think she’s pregnant, but since Katnis hates her we have been trying to get her to leave. Sarah got close to Katnis today and wanted to play, so I don’t think she will eat her, YEAH! I have almost finished the batman ski mask, I have one ear left! Durbs said he will plow in it if I get it done before plowing tomorrow. Other than that I did paperwork today.Not so interesting but necessary. Hubby ran errands for me as usual. I am so spoiled! Hopefully next week our Laundry making supplies shows up and we can start making our own again. I will post the recipe after we make our first batch.

Good night ya’ll God Bless and safe travels, sweet dreams!

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