And we work for every inch of land.

Good Evening!

        Another wonderful day here on The Robinson Homestead. We started our Saturday with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs(no not the ones we are hatching), sausage and biscuits. Then we made our bread which is sweeter and bigger than last time. In fact if it keep growing in size I will need to bake three loaves instead of two.


We candled (shined a powerful flashlight through to see the baby inside) our eggs and marked the air bubbles to track growth over the next week. We found we had one loss, and so we removed that egg. We now are expecting 23 chicks in around 10-12 days. We will candle again in 2-3 days to ensure continued growth and to see if the air bubbles are the right size. Some air bubbles were to big and some were too small. I did add water to increase the humidity because if the chicks don’t have enough humidity they die a death similar to being saran-wrapped and that sounds HORRIBLE. Unfortunately they can drown if humidity is to high and the air bubble to small. So I will keep a close watch on it over the next week to make sure that does not happen.

We broke ground on our smaller veggie garden and our flower garden today. Still looking for the right spot for our herb garden, hope to have that selected and started in the next two weeks. We were able to use the breaking plow on the veggie garden but not on the flower garden as that ground is full of rocks and roots. So we raked off the mulch and started pulling out the tree stumps and roots. I have the stuff for the flower garden fence ready. We are getting are pallets for the fence for the veggie garden. The smaller veggie garden is where we are putting our trellises for the beans and peas. We also plan on the tomatoes being in there.  We might put our cucumbers in there too, basically everything we can’t cultivate or rather would not want to try. We got to break up the soil too using the disk harrow but then our tractor decided it had done enough for the day so back it went to the barn.

On the field there is this gate, no fence just an old gate. Planted on the gate is muscadine. It is really over grown with various bushes and brambles. I started working on that today but found the muscadine was in a symbiotic relationship with most of the trees and bushes. So although I cleared a lot out and worked on it for an hour, it is not really noticeable. I hope to get more cleared and the last rubbish pile gone over the next month.  I will hopefully clear enough for the muscadine to produce. I cleared around a fruit tree today too and will finish the removal of the parasite bush in the next week. After those are done we will be digging up some unwanted plants near the cottage.


We took all 126 plants outside today to start the hardening process. I will put them out for a few hours again tomorrow. We wont be able to Monday due to weather and will most likely lose Thursday and Friday due to cold temps. Hopefully we will get them good enough for planting in the next few weeks as the green peas and black-eyed peas are getting way to big for the home-made planters.  Their roots have almost completely filled the containers and they are starting to intertwine for support.

We transplanted our Brussels sprouts from the egg container we start in, to planters. I know now that although the seed package said to start them based on our area, these probable will not produce due to the temperatures being too hot. We are still trying them out. We also have lavender and Firefox started but have yet to see any growth on those, will move them into my bathroom which we are using as a greenhouse and see if the warmth will help. We have some fungus among us, well rather our strawberries. We might end up losing the lot of them due to it, we have been pruning but it’s spreading very fast, seems like every day we see more leaves with the gray fuzzy stuff.  We have seem some mildew as well on our green peas, but I bet that will clear up as I get them outside more and more. And my rose-bush lost its rose buds. We will be putting in a raised garden near our bedroom window.

I finished the batman Ski Mask today for my hubby and he wore it plowing even though it was warm. He had a bunch of fun with it, and our kids did too!.


Sarah got a good brushing and has finally made friends with Catness.


We did have to chase off another cat today. It’s a female cat and I think she is pregnant or at least extremely round for an outside cat.

We ended our full and wonderful day eating left overs and watching….. TEEN TITAN GO!

Sweet dreams, blessings and see y’all tomorrow!

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