Another day living the dream.

Good evening!

We rose this morning at 6 am to ensure my oldest daughter finished her chores that she left over night. Then it as breakfast and school. Soon after my oldest two went to school we candled the eggs again to track growth. All 23 baby’s still looking great! We have 8-10 days left! All of us are very excited to see if all hatch and to play with the chicks.

Catniss got into a fight under the trailer today it was really loud but she must have won because she was not hurt!

I baked our bread again, this time it did not rise so much but it was really moist. Durbs bought me some honey for our next batch! I am excited to see if the Honey will work better than the sugar.

We moved all the plants to the bed for the first half of the day then we moved them all outside. We decided to leave our strawberries and peas outside overnight since it is so warm tonight. We will move them back in Wednesday afternoon since the temperatures are dropping down again. We also transplanted our cauliflower. I plan to start more flowers and herbs tomorrow. We now have 175 plants started. I no longer have a bathroom hahaha it is a greenhouse, smells of warm soil and all.

Every Monday I clean the trailer from one end to the other, its needed after the weekends. This time it took me six hours and I did not get the last two rooms done. So when my oldest two got home they cleaned the last two rooms. We got in everything to make our laundry soap today, so that is my first thing tomorrow to do.

Frankie, my middle daughter, has now started Girl Scouts!! We are so excited!!

It has been a lazy day, even after our day off Sunday.

Well about Sunday, it was not completely relaxing, but we try to use it as a day to relax and recharge. This time Durbs plowed and Anny burned wood in the burn barrel but that was all.

I have been working on my crochet for the stores, hope to add baby items soon!

Blessings to all of you and sweet dreams!


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