Every Inch Remember?

Good Evening!

Well I for one am excited that tomorrow the weather will be too bad to work outside. I am exhausted after this last week. Wow its been one long productive day. We once again started at 6 am. Today our morning routine was the same as the last few days. We moved all the 150+ plants outside to weather them for the garden and I made bread. At lunch Durbs ran errands with our youngest two and I made phone calls to take care of bills. By 3 pm I was already exhausted, and then our two oldest and I went out to work outside.

And we did it!! we got another old coop demolished!!


We have another two left to remove but now we have the spot for our new coop!! We also removed three bags of rat feces. Yuck!

Before you suggest it yes we are looking into composting. Believe me when I say we have more than enough nitrogen rat feces to not miss the three bags… A compost bin is our next build, which if weather goes even close to prediction that will be Friday at the earliest and Saturday at the latest. We have enough old chicken wire to make the compost bin that we wont use on the coops and thanks to my sis, we have a small pallet perfect for the project.

And we now have added glue traps to our mouse and rat trapping aids. Seems since we got rid of their homes they want to take over ours! I plan to possible put some 2 foot lengths of pvc with oatmeal and plaster of paris inside to aid in killing them too. It sounds to simple to work but we shall see, simple cut to length, put in the bait and lay around skirting of trailer. We also need to build an enclosure for our garbage away from our trailer. We are looking at a spot opposite from our mailbox for the enclosure. It will be made of pallets as well.

Now for our coop. We have a set of plans we like for making it from pallets. I have priced buying one and its well beyond our capabilities. Another idea was to buy the wood needed and assemble ourselves. We discovered that does not save much money, but if we utilize the free pallets and only buy plywood, cinder blocks, roofing and maybe some 1×6’s we would be well in our price range. Now to figure out how many nesting boxes to make for 20-23 chickens. We wont know how many hens for at least another month or two. This gives us plenty of time to plan how many nesting boxes. Our plan currently for the extra roosters is to eat them.

Tomorrow I aim to sew and take a break. I do not need to make bread till Friday so that helps and today we got most of the laundry done as well another task not needed tomorrow.

So Goodnight my family and friends! Sweet dreams and blessing be yours tonight!


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