Wowzers What a Day!

Good afternoon!

Well it has been a few days so let me catch you up.

Thursday was cold and I did nothing but sit on the couch and crochet!


Friday was still chilly but we moved the plants to get sun. After that we (Durbs, lil man, trin and I) went to Clanton and faxed out some paperwork and picked up a new tire to replace the one that blew on Durbs truck).IMG_4126

I finished my friday crocheting for my store Tympre’s Tantrums.


Durbs had the kids do arts and crafts for Gpa and Nana’s visit Saturday.

IMG_4133 IMG_4131

Now today Saturday. I got up at six to make bread, and Durbs made out typical eggs, sausage and biscuits breakfast yum! We then straightened up a little bit and got ready to work outside for the day. Gpa and Nana came down to plow, burn hotdogs and visit. We moved all the plants outside in the morning to get a full day of warm sun!. Gpa, Nana and Durbs went  to the barn to work on the tractor and to plow the field.

Anny got soil from the barn area and started planting her strawberries. We are using old food trays from the old coops as planters. She has filled 5 planters with strawberries. It’s very labor intensive because the barn where she gets the soil is a good walk back in the woods. We are very proud of her and we hope this gets rid of the fungus or at least contains it.


Me and Durbs built the rest of the trellises we needed, the picture shows three but we moved the last one into line shortly after the picture.


Then came time for the hot dog burn and marsh mellows!


Gpa and Nana came with more surprises! Thank you for the Blue Berries, the ‘No Trespassing Sign’, ‘Private Property Sign’, Fancy feast for Catniss and the Guitar Calendar for Durbs!!!


        I also got sick of having our trash at the end of the trailer so I decided to make an area for our trash cans. Maybe this will slow or stop the animals from getting into the trash and knocking the cans over. Durbs came and helped me finish it! We will use bungee cords as a gate for now.


We did get to candle two eggs to show Gpa and Nana the baby chicks we are expecting in a week! It was a blast!  Now we are sunburned and nicely exhausted! I plan on finishing the Bunny and working infant shoes for the rest of the evening. Durbs has his final to work on. Anny is outside still with Trin and Frankie till dinner. Lil man is exhausted hes passed out after such a wonderful day! Both lil man and trin got their first taste of roasted marsh mellows!


May the rest of your evening be full of blessings, happiness, and love.

See y’all tomorrow!!


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