Sunday shall be a day of rest.

Good Evening!

We do our best to hold true that Sunday be a day of rest. After yesterday my body ached horribly. All of us have come such a long ways since we got here. With me the most notable is I was only able to work one to two hours every other day and now I can work six hours a day for most days of the week. For only doing this 76 days I think this alone is a huge improvement. I also never made bread before, planned a crop field, or flower garden. I did not have a outside cat either. Lots of new things and more to come in the next few weeks.

Today we broke up the soil in the small veggie garden and cleared more of the mulch off the front yard.Moved all 200+ plants outside for weathering and inventoried our plants. I completed a set of baby sandals for the store and last but not least we candled for the last time our eggs. We found we lost another baby 😦 They go into isolation tonight and will remain undisturbed until  Saturday morning and those not hatched will be thrown out. Those that hatch will be removed from the incubator as soon as they are dry. We hope to hear or see something by Wednesday! We are so excited. I also worked on our crop layout and flower garden layout. We also picked a spot for our blueberries.

Good night, big blessings and sweat dreams. See y’all tomorrow.

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