Two Days till hatch!

Good Evening!!

Today we woke up late and the Frankie came home early from school sick. She has a remaining cough from the cold, we all have been fighting for the last two weeks. We did put our plants back out and chose to leave more out overnight since our temperatures are so mild. I focused on cleaning up from our weekend and crochet for the store. I made some cute little sandals for St. Patrick’s day.  We then slept the day away. Very relaxing and since its been drizzling all day not much else we could do. Tomorrow I start the sandals that I have a order for. And Durbs applied for a job in Elmore at Merry Wood Lodge. It would be wonderful if he got it. Only 30 minutes away and a week day shift. If only everyday could be as carefree and relaxing as today. Good night and Sweet dreams and blessings!



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