Hatch Day!!

Good evening!

We started the day with making bread since our temps are highs of almost 80 and lows of 60. Now though, my bread does not last long. I had made two loaves Monday and two more today. From the four loaves I have made this is all that remains!


We received our humongous bag of flour from my sister, Tina  and promptly put it in the freezer. Thank you!!!!!!

Durbs got his Alabama Drivers License and Tags for the truck WOOHOOO one down and one to go. I require my birth certificate before I get to go do mine and that is in the works. And Durbs well he petitioned today to Graduate this July with his Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management!

Yesterday Durbs worked on the skirting and got it around the last corner! Anny is in the Verbena Red Devil Regiment Drum Line. She plays the xylophone. There was a Booster meeting for the Band and I went. It was a small group and her drum teacher went to Verbena High and was in the drum line. I even offered to write the synopsis of the meeting for the next meeting in April. They are having car washes, and fundraising events to raise money for new band uniforms and drum heads.

We planted our Blueberries today. They are behind our house and we are so excited to see these grow.Yummy! Thank you Gpa and Nana!!!!


And for the big news everyone has been waiting for…….. ITS HATCHING DAY!!!!!!!

So we waited… and we waited. Durbs heard some cheeps but we saw nothing until almost 21 days exactly, to the hour, from when we put them into the incubator.

IMG_4162  second egg  thirdegg Now after Pip it can take up to 48 hours before the chicks make it out of the eggs. And this is an incredibly hard thing for a baby chick to crack its eggshell. If you help them you can and most likely will kill them as their vascular system does not separate and close till the very last moment. We let the kids see them and reminded them its going to be a day or two and we still might lose them. We also prepared Frankie for missing the hatching as she is going to visit her dad this weekend. Then we checked every hour so excited to see more and hear so many more cheeps!

Secondegg2first egg 2

We will of course take pictures as the night progresses and post them tomorrow!

Finally for the last few days I have been working really hard on new items for my store and since this particular baby shoe was requested by not one but two of my family I gave it best first attempt.

IMG_4172Please visit my store if you have not and as these two did, if you see something you would like me to make or something you think would sell good, post it. I know as spring comes upon us I will be incredibly busy so please be patient. Here are the links to my stores.



Good night, Blessings upon y’all. Sweet dreams and see yas tomorrow!

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