One Tired mom and dad!

Good Evening.

I am exhausted and so is durbs. We both only got 3 to 4 hours of sleep last night with all the excitement. And we both still slept through two hatches. These little guys are sneaky! So this day started at 11pm last night. We did get to sleep around 3 am until 630 am. So here is our first guy who decided to join us around 1149pm.


We did get this on video, unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to upload it to our blog. As soon as I do I will post it. After this we waited and watched for the other three we had that had pipped to hatch. Some progress was made but by 3 am both of us were exhausted and decided it was time to get some rest.

We awoke at 630am or so to get the girls up for school. And we found a surprise in our incubator!


And another while we got the kids fed!


By this time we decided to go ahead and get the brooder ready for the baby’s. We all piled into the van and went to Verbena Tractor Supply. I knew everything we needed till i set foot in the store then I brain fried while trying to keep trin and lil man under control. Durbs got us everything and the cashier even brought our stuff out to the van! Wonderful experience and service. We are definitely giving them our business, plus they are really close.

When we got back..

..andanotherpip Anotherpip 3rdtopip

Now we had 5 hatched and 3 more pipped!!! The fifth one just surprised us as we did not even notice the pip. We set up the brooder and put the first few in. We have to wait till the chicks are dry before we move them. Durbs is our teacher, and so he showed the chicks where the water and food was. He has to put their beaks in it for them to know and then we waited after each one to make sure they drank some water and ate some food.


We did not take the pictures in the right order so yeah, I will work on making sure I do that from now on. We are just so excited! It took us hours to get the temperature right in the brooder but now our chicks are happy and warm. Then this evening  the last one from the first night was born 25 hours or so after it pipped and one that pipped this morning. 6thborn 7th

Our kids have spent the day doing this..

.IMG_4219 IMG_4210 IMG_4206 IMG_4223

The brooder is on one side of our bed and the incubator on the other side. As of right now we have 7 hatched and 1 pipped. And another 12 we do not think will hatch. We are very happy with our first time try. Neither of us had any experience with birds before this. Now we have 5 weeks max  to get our coop built.

Tomorrow Sarah goes to get fixed and we hope to have her in our trailer after the surgery instead of the cottage. We are also looking into fixing Catniss. Prayers for our pup Sarah would be greatly appreciated!

And we are planning to incubate another dozen eggs if only 8 hatch. Woohooo!!!!

Happy Birthday to my Uncle George. Love you and thank you for calling me!

Good night, sweet dreams, blessing be with you and  see y’all tomorrow!


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