Possibility of 5 more

Good Evening.

Wow another loooonnnggg day. Durbs got up early to take Sarah to get fixed. He got there at 535am only for them to arrive late and it was cancelled. We have not rescheduled. They did give us a 15 dollar refund and will reschedule us soon. We organized our bedroom today. Took several hours but we no longer have any packing boxes in the trailer and we can use our closet!! Now to get those curtains done!

Now onto the chicks. We have 10 now!!!


Our most interesting hatch so far was this lil ugly guy


He pipped and hatched today and then right after he busted out of his shell he took one small quick nap and then dragged that egg-shell with him around the incubator for a few laps. That is the strongest chick we have seen yet. He has a white strip on his forehead. Another of the chicks is the reverse markings of him, white with a black stripe on head.

We did a test on the remaining 9 eggs that had not pipped or so we thought. One I picked up to test for life started screaming at me. I jumped and almost dropped the lil fella. But the chick is fine and still has to hatch out. We found we had lost 5. So now we have 2 pipped and 3 still possible. We are very proud where we are since the eggs had only a 70% hatch rate. That would have been 16-17 hatch and we have 10 on our fist try!!! God is amazing! We wont be looking to try to hatch any more until we know the gender of these. And from what I have read that wont be for a few weeks or more. If we have less than six hens we will need to hatch more since 1 egg a day is our minimum goal. After we get that goal and more than one coop we will look into raising for meat.

Ten.. that’s a lot of chicks!! they get along so far, but as they grow the tub will not be sufficient for them. We hope to get the rest of the coops cleared out and start building the last week of march while my sister is visiting. I am still crocheting but with all the attention on the chicks( cleaning the tub, changing the water, making sure the temp is good and keeping lil kids hands off) I have not made anything new as of yet.

Well our youngins are up and not happy 😦 It is the trend tonight that lil man and trin are not sleeping well. I am off to go try to quiet them down again.

Blessings be with you, sweet dreams. love y’all and see ya tomorrow.


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