Our last chick is in our Brooder. And the count is 11.

Good evening.

Today was a great day! We started with our cleaning and cleaned around the house for about 4 hours. This seems to be the minimum each morning to ensure the place stays clean. It does not seem to go faster if I have help and that sucks 😦 Hopefully soon I will find a routine that is less work overall while keeping the cleanliness. With the red clay all around us we have to vacuum and mop daily just to keep up with that. I will admit I despise it, I even prefer Oklahoma’s sandstone and clay better it was definitely easier to clean up. And we average one to two loads of laundry a day. I am still incredibly grateful for my front loader washer. And as it warms up and stops raining we will dry outside instead of using the dryer. As for dishes we might reach two loads but mostly it is only one. Our trash level is to high I think, we fill all three of our trash cans(only 30 gallons cans) and have a few bags extra usually. Once I figure out composting and start that I think our trash will reduce. As well as once we are completely settled in it will reduce.

We replaced the dirty bedding in the brooder and replaced the water this morning and the bedding again this evening. These lil chicks poo allot so it looks like a twice a day cleaning. We have our final chick so our count is eleven and I am already reading up on how to tell the gender and breed mix if possible at this age. If what I read and see is correct we have over half of them as females. That pleases me greatly as we only need two roosters and no I do not desire to cull my first hatch. I will if needed but I never planned on this bunch being meat. I got eggs from known egg layers and planned our first coop for egg layers from the start. We have seven golden or yellow chicks five of which are platinum blond and two are more gold. Then we have one dark golden, one dark brown and golden, one striped and one black with a white stripe one forehead. I also think our flock(never thought I would say that) will out grow our little brooder before they are ready to go to the coop. So I am looking into how to accommodate them before they are coop ready. These birds are very friendly with both me and Durbs. We have a great bond with them. They play with us, chirp and nuzzled us. It is funny to watch them when I put my hand in without feed, they will still fight over who gets to nuzzle, perch or peck me. They are a very huge stress reliever for me. Which is wonderful since my sleep is averaging 3-4 hours lately. Durbs does not get as much time with them as he is busy with his college homework and working on the skirting.

IMG_4306 IMG_4332

We took Sarah inside the trailer today and let her look around and meet the chicks. She did very well!! She is very large now!!IMG_4308 IMG_4311 IMG_4326 IMG_4330 See she’s as tall as our bar stools!!!!We kept her on the leash this time more for her comfort than for us. We hope to continue this everyday longer and longer until Sarah is comfortable and we know she wont have an accident inside. In the past she has shown that she will use the bathroom on carpet. We are hoping that she will no longer do this. We would love to have her back with us again, even if she is huge and our home smaller.

We planted today. We planted all the green peas and black-eyed peas on our pallet trellis’. They had grown way to big for the planters we had them in. We have some Zinnia getting big and tomatoes plants!

IMG_4293  IMG_4295 IMG_4296

 We also went and weeded some in our field where the grass had grown up. And we took some pictures with the pear and peach trees!

IMG_4299 IMG_4301

We did get to work on the flower garden some, moved more of the wood from the old coops to the burn pile, cut down some privets and brambles from around the muscadine, and Durbs worked on the skirting.

We finished our busy day with two very tired lil children, one exhausted teen, and two tired parents all with smiles after a dinner of PIZZA!

We also had the immense pleasure of visiting with our neighbor Ms. Billie. We talked about vegetables that do well here, and the weather. We chatted about the Tornado seasons, April showers that bring May flowers, and the need of AC. We spent a good part of our afternoon with her company and we all enjoyed it. We are incredibly blessed with our second chance at life, we have wonderful family friends and good neighbors.

Living our dreams!

Blessings be with you, Sweet dreams, and we will chat with every one tomorrow!!

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