A few days have gone by.

Good Evening!

Well it has been a few days since our last update. The reason our updates are so few lately is due to our satellite internet data limit being passed. See lil man.. Durbs the third.. got a hold of the Ipad and watched netflix for a few hours. I had cancelled the account but one of the girls was still logged in and so it worked. Once April arrives our data limit will be reset. Until then we are on a 640kbps connection, back to dial-up! This makes the editor for our blog not always load up. I got lucky this evening and hope to again later this week.

Now  on Monday we rested  and with the temps up in the 80 we got our portable AC from the cottage and put it in our hallway to cool our kids rooms. We also had the pleasure of taking a day of play for the older kids, they came home from school and after homework spent the afternoon playing with the little ones outside while Durbs worked on the skirting. We also made a slow cooker meal so we could help keep the house cool.

Tuesday came and I attempted to take photos of the chicks individually to give y’all a better idea of our flock.

First up is our striped chick. We believe this to be a female. She is very alert, does not like to be held, or petted. She will perch and climb your arm, but it’s as if she has to be in control and can’t stand her feathers messed up. She’s the watchdog of the group, the lightest sleeper, the one that sounds the alarm and the first to jump. She jumps and flaps her wings more than any of the rest. She appears healthy.

.IMG_4357 IMG_4358

Next up is our lover chick. We believe this one might be female as well. She feathered her wings first, is very curious and brave. She runs to me when she sees my feet, and will jump over the others to get into my hand. She is very happy to sit in my hands and be petted. She has allowed Durbs to hold her as well, she no longer pecks at us at all. And will seek out loving, she sleeps in the corner of the brooder closest to me, even if it is a little to cold for her.

IMG_4361 IMG_4359

The we have one we believe to be a male. This is one of are biggest chicks. The wings still do not have very long feathers and are more rounded than the ones we believe to be female. This chick also has a longer neck than the ones above. He is social, loving, assertive and brave. He likes to be held and petted. With me holding its his head that he likes petted, but with durbs it is his back. He prefers to be picked up with his entire body being supported rather than lifted while perching. He’s very laid back and likes to watch the other chicks when being held.


Then we have a red/ golden chick. This one is questionable but I think might be a female. Its wings have the more pointed shape and longer feathers which has been stated as one way to tell. The chick is friendly and loving, but stand offish. Meaning at first  it runs but after a few minutes holding will warm up and take a nap. The chirps settle down into the happy twitter and then when you go to put it back the chick doesn’t want to go.

IMG_4362 IMG_4365

Then we have this one which I think is a girl. Another that is standoffish but sweet. After the first hold of the day will come back more often.


And then there is our black and white one. This lil one is a bit younger than the bulk of our chicks. Standoffish, Fearful but thankful. This chick has the pasty poop which can kill the poor lil thing.  After every cleaning I do it twitters as if to thank me then gets anxious to get back to the brooder to try to poop. So far every time I clean this lil one up it has successfully pooped. At first I thought this would be a male but as the chick grows the wing feathers came in quick and the spot turned white. We now think this to be a female.IMG_4375

That was all I did for the first attempt. I will try to do more tomorrow and get the last 5 chicks.

As I learn more and more about chickens, I realize that regardless of the end purpose I need to know them to know their health. I know they will fight over bugs. They caught a may fly last night and it was almost WWE in the brooder lol. We now clean the brooder bedding twice a day and water twice a day. We try to hold each chick once a day and feed from hand once a day. We are looking into a bigger box for a larger brooder, but I wonder if the chicks will be OK since they are used to a clear sided brooder instead of a cardboard box. Most of the chicks jump now so we will have to find a bigger brooder soon to support this, otherwise we might end up with a chick on the loose!

Now for today. This morning I got up extra early to bake. I made bread and then durbs helped me with our first ever batch of crackers!


They were delicious and we plan on making more every morning as it is way cheaper to make instead of buy.

Then I looked into college. I can go back to finish my accounting degree of which I only lack 21 hours. I find I am not all that interested in this subject now and so I looked into Sustainable agriculture. I found a college offering an online certificate program on just this. The college also accepts veterans! We are still considering it and working out the details but I think this program would be wonderful for me and aid our homestead more than an accounting degree.

We have been hanging our laundry out to dry the last few days in-between the trees in our front yard, but we are looking into a spot in the back yard so that it is not on display for everyone passing to see. For now though we are stuck with out front yard. Anny switches out loads soon as she gets home and takes over that chore.

Today I washed and dried the fabric for our bedroom window and have the design firmly stuck in my head, so hopefully as the week goes on I will to sew and finish our curtains. After ours is the hallways and kitchen curtains. Last week we found two leaks in our trailer and hope to seal those soon too.

Then after the older two got done with homework we all went outside. Durbs got the siding done all the way to the living room window on the back side, leaving only half of the back to do. We hope to complete the skirting later this week or next. Frankie played with lil man and trin, they had a blast! It’s not often we get a chance to snag a picture of my middle princess outside in the field. I got a good one today!


Me and Anny worked on the flower garden ‘Marion’s Magical Garden’. Anny designed the lay out, and I edited it. IMG_4386

I know it doesn’t look like much now but just wait we got us a fabulous garden design. We also planted our first flowers! Crocus! We even finished planting all 60 bulbs today! Here is a pic of the first flower and then one of the finished section. Tomorrow we hope to plant more in-between the rain.

IMG_4387 IMG_4389

We finished today with Corn Dogs and Fries, one of all of our favorite dinner. We are very excited as well to let everyone know that Frankie brought home her report card with STRAIGHT  A’s!!!!!!!!!!! Even one subject with 100%!!! wowzers first one of my kids to do that! We are so proud of our princess.

We are also looking forward to our next two weeks as next week is spring break then right after that my sister comes back for another visit… And then it’s EASTER!

We are living the dream and working hard for every inch. Good night everyone, sweet dreams, blessings be with you, love yas and see y’all soon!

2 thoughts on “A few days have gone by.

  1. On our boat I hang our “small things” inside. The evaporation process actually cools things off a bit. Just an idea for you all with summer heat coming in soon….


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