Today we got rid of some privets.

Good afternoon!

I am exhausted! Friday we took some more pictures  of the chickens.

This one we believe is also female. She is friendly but not as assertive as our lovey.

IMG_4394Then we have this one. Another female and one that took a bath yesterday afternoon. I walked in to find this chick soaked and squawking. Several other chicks were picking at it. It was flopping around so I got a towel and picked up the chick and started dying. Even used a blow dryer on low. We think now it was intentional, that the chick intentionally soaked it self.Scared me though lol.

IMG_4401We have another gold bird . Non descript personality, a quiet and passive bird, we think this one might be male.

IMG_4405We moved the chicks into a bigger brooder, and they are much happier. They don’t squawk or chatter as much. And they sleep more, jump more and try to fly more.

IMG_4413There are two more chicks I have not taken picks of yet. I will soon and I will start taking more after their tail feathers come in. Its hard to believe only 8 days ago we were expecting our first!

I also finished a Shawl I made for a donor to our homestead! We will mail it out next week!

IMG_4412Saturday started off running late. We all overslept till 715 instead of getting up at 6. Even our youngest slept in. This would not have been a issue but Annie had a car-wash to be at in support of the Verbena Red Devil Regiment Drum line! She was supposed to be there by 730 and got there only 10 mins late. I made bread and started the daily chores with a slight rush as Gpa and Nana where coming!  We got a wonderful surprise as they brought a riding lawnmower to be used on the property!.  Then we showed them the chickens and look at this!

IMG_4418IMG_4420Of course our Lovey is the first to greet Nana! The our youngest kids joined in and watched Nana make friends with our most wary, watchful chick. Our striped one! Yep that’s the one shes holding.

IMG_4421After this we went and dug up some flowers from around the cottage. Gpa fed the chicks but I did not get a picture of that. I sure will next time! The kids had a blast swinging at the cottage

.IMG_4425After they left and Anny got home we went back out to get some work done. Me and anny focuses on the flower garden while durbs started the burn barrel up. After about a hour or so it started raining lightly. Durbs got the youngest inside and me and anny started hauling off mulch from the front yard while keeping the fire going. We got quite a bit of mulch moved and a plan on where to put the daffodils. Our youngest was plum wore out.

IMG_4426Then today we had our traditional eggs, sausage, biscuit wonderful breakfast, Continued our chores and relxaed till after lunch then Anny and I went out to get rid of some privets. We removed around 15 with roots!

IMG_4438We left one are there as it was growing over a fire ant hill. Other than that this tree is cleared for you Gpa and Nana! We had fun doing it too!

Well its dinner time with tricolor rotini bake,walking dead on tv, everyone’s eating and relaxing.

Good night, blessings be with you, sweet dreams and chat with you soon!

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