5 Hours of hauling wood.

Good evening.

I get the pleasure of writing this while smelling BBQ chicken cooking. YUM! We are eating late today because it’s just one of those sleepy overcast cool days. We started with our typical eggs and sausage breakfast. Then I fell back asleep while Anny and Durbs took care of the chores and some errands. I crawled out of bed at 10am lol and promptly got everyone outside. Durbs went shopping and picked up our Kool Seal for our roof,some meal worms,skill saw blade, a 20ft ladder, half a mile of barbwire, and weed eater!

Anny and I started moving the wood from the coop area. We started with this mess


5 Hours and one truck load later we have this..


We have selected a new spot for the coop and we have the cinder blocks to support it. The remaining pile of metal you see needs to go to the dump. This was a lot of work. Tomorrow we start burning all that we moved, continue on the flower garden and mulch removal.

Now for the chicks… They are getting so big! We had one fly up to the edge of the tub and perch! We are going to have to make a lid for the tub or our chicks will be running loose! We used Lego blocks and made a block for the water bowl to sit on and we plan on doing that for the food too. This stops them from pooping in the water and we hope it will stop them from scratching all the food out of the dispenser too. It was funny when I put in the lego blocks. The blocks are brightly colored and the chicks were scared of them at first. A few would stand close but not close enough to touch and then one would come flying from the back of the brooder and slam into the standing ones, pushing them closer to the blocks. After a bit they calmed down and went to get a drink. The raising of the water bowl was suggested by the local store where we get a lot of our supplies. We also got some meal worms. But when Anny put some in her hand to feed to the chicks, no one as getting near her LOL. A few looked at the worms but no one took a bite. So back to the drawing board for treats for the chickens.



They are growing up so quick! Good night everyone! Sweet dreams, Blessing be with you, and talk with ya tomorrow!


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