Our 100th DAY!

Praise Jesus! We made it! 100 days on the homestead!! And my sister Tina’s Birthday!!! And its April Fools day!

Such a wonderful and amazing day. Lets get started! Where we began. Living in two rooms of the cottage and practically falling all over each other. To living in our trailer and each of us having our own space!




The field were we are planting our crops went from:

IMG_3475  to  IMG_4093

Our coop area went from:

 IMG_3333  to  IMG_4665

Our front yard went from solid mulch


To having all this!!


A walkway!!

IMG_4389 Marion’s Magical Flower Garden is started.

IMG_4295 We added a second veggie garden.

IMG_4148 Strawberries!!

IMG_4147 Trash container for our trash-cans and its near the street!

IMG_4142A fire pit to cook at!

IMG_4105A lot of plants almost ready to plant.


We now have 11 3 week old Chickens and Catniss

.IMG_4445 IMG_4096

 Durbs can plow,


install skirting


and paint a roof.


 I bake bread and crackers!

IMG_3967 IMG_4380IMG_4494

I made curtains,IMG_3697 IMG_3713  utensil cans,IMG_3692  a wall of yarn IMG_3772 and a desk for the lil onesIMG_3711.

Anny can bake IMG_4578,  clear out privets IMG_4431 and run the burn barrel.

IMG_4485 IMG_4441 IMG_4433 IMG_4387 IMG_4348 IMG_4324 IMG_4579

Anny works hard everyday on our homestead and is a huge help. Even watching the younger ones so we get some time just to us parents. We enjoy baking together and watching ‘The Walking Dead’ together. She is also part of the Verbena Drum Line and hoping to be in track next year. A completely different young lady!

Frankie can bake, IMG_3936  haul wood IMG_3371 and is making straight A’s! She gets to see her Dad and Grandparents on his side every other weekend. Growing up so very fast.

Our Trinity speaks incredibly clear now and can count and say most of her alphabet! Our youngest lil man can speak much clearer and count to 3. Both of our youngest can haul wood, enjoy riding in the wagon, swinging on the porch of the cottage and mom’s bubble baths!

IMG_3473 IMG_3505 IMG_4349


We have 4 blueberry bushes IMG_4141, 2 raspberry and 2 black berry.IMG_4667

We have fruit trees as well! IMG_4300 IMG_4302

We have had to remove mulch and roots for every inch of land we want to use. Here is the cottage yard now.IMG_4582 My sister Tina Hamons has come up twice now and she has cut down several trees,IMG_3762

and in two days removed the last coop for our new coop!

IMG_4592   IMG_4585

She also has made tutus for the girls, helped cook, is teaching me to sew and constantly send us new ways and ideas to help our homestead. Our first 100 days would not have been nearly as easy without her help!

Our benefactors Durby Sr and Sandra have also aided more than they can imagine. The started before we even got here. They got the land cleared.


It was through their connections that we got our power!


The came and taught us how to plow and about cultivation.


We had our first cook out with them!


They came back played with the chickens, left us old yeller(a riding lawnmower) and gave us the blueberries!


Sandra also brought us a wonderful radio so we can play Christian music throughout our days!

Without these two very wonderful people this dream of a life would not be possible! Thank you two so very much!!

         We ended our day with a cook out, cake and bubble baths for all!! Enjoy the pictures! Sweet dreams, blessing be upon you, and love y’all

!IMG_4671 IMG_4669IMG_4674IMG_4680IMG_4690                              Happy Birthday Tina! Thank you for sharing our 100th day with us!!!



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