Oh how my body aches!

Good evening/night.

I started this morning at 7:30 am and did not stop till 5:45 pm. First we did our inside cleaning. Then close to ten I went to the cottage for tools and supplies to reach my lofty goals for the day. I ended up staying outside all but 40 minutes of the work day. I am sunburned on top of the sunburn I got yesterday and this top burn has blistered. I used sunblock but I sweat so much that it apparently even with reapplication was not enough. I will be outside again tomorrow, so I am considering a long-sleeved top, if I can find one light enough. The youngest two where outside quite a bit with me today as well. Trinity tanned and did pretty good keeping me company and listening to me for HOURS.

Today my goals where to weed eat the front yard, put the front wall on the coop, water seal the walls of the coop, burn some more and clear some more. Well we got about half of that done and some other things that were needed.

I made a run for the chicks! It took me about 3 hours and Durbs help in moving the big pallets but its done! It is 3′ by 12′ and 30 inches tall. I did not make this run permanent or overly sturdy as we will need to separate it to move it.

IMG_4947  They can FLY! At the top of the pic you can see one of the whites taking off.

IMG_4948 At first they were all quite spooked and stayed close together near the gate, but that changed after a few minutes.

IMG_4949  I took this picture to give perspective of the size of the run, we will be using it after we get the coop done.

IMG_4950  In this picture you can see one of the whites on the inside rails of the pallets. I put the chicken wire on the outside so the chicks could use the boards for perching. They were quite happy!

IMG_4952 Running back and forth and back and forth! We brought them inside back to the brooder at dinner time. I carried them in the bottom of my shirt and covered the heads so as to keep them calm. Only Lovey and the big brown roo got really scared. But after we got all back safe inside they promptly snuggled up and went to sleep. We plan on getting them outside again tomorrow, if ants have not moved in to the coop.

We are having a huge problem with fire ants. They have started tunneling into the clay foundation of the trailer. We use bait pesticide currently and it kills a good number of them but mostly they just move. This would not be a huge concern if I was not allergic. The ants took over the strawberries and those are done for this year. The ants actually made hills in each planter and in one on both ends. Prayers to keep us safe from the bites is greatly appreciated. Anny has gotten bitten several times and does not have a bad reaction to them. So far Anny and I are the only two.

We added the front wall to the coop and sealed the inside.IMG_4954  Anny was a huge help as I only got one and a half sides sealed. She took over after school.

IMG_4955 Now we hand sawed the door space out. It is currently 32 inches but I know it will shrink as we frame it out. Hopefully the space will not shrink too much so we can just put a regular screen door on it instead of making one. Durbs helped with the sawing, he did one side completely by himself. Trinity and Lil Man helped by handing me nails as I was nailing it together. Frankie was busy dragging more stuff to the burn pile.

Other items we did today that needed to be done. Durbs put tinfoil up over the top part of the west windows, drastically dropping the temp in the trailer, in fact it was 85 inside as well as out. Much better than last time where we had to turn on the port AC by 10am! I also got every single bit of laundry done!!!! Oh that was nice. First time in over a month I had an empty laundry basket.. well until dinner time anyways. I did manage to burn a little bit but not much. And we did not weed eat the front yard, or clear more land.. But oh how my body aches!

I get pressure hives, and after the last to days I do not really have hands so much as hives. Today was so hot and humid I got heat rash.. in the backs of my knees! Then hives started pooping up everywhere, so tonight I plan on soaking in a epsom salt bath if I can manage to even drag myself into the tub. I refuse to complain about all the joint and muscle aches. I am not even 40 so I will save that till then. But wowzers I am feeling the pains of homesteading! Tomorrow I will start the day with baking and hope to get more done outside. Friday it is supposed to storm so that’s my day off.

And I found another reason I do not like Alabama… GNATS! These lil ichy yucky bugs swarm me repeatedly till around noon. It is so bad my blue jeans end up with black smears everywhere from me killing them. Its horrible! These lil flying pests even get into my nose! So Friday my BIG goal is to make me a sun hat with bug netting!! That way the nasty lil pesky flying black dots will at least stay off my face! And when I say swarm I mean it, I tried counting one time and stopped after 30 on my arms and clothes.

We are adding a page for our wish list. These will be things we need or could always use. If you want to donate any of the items we suggest shipping them site to store for Walmart, Russell’s Do it Center, or Tractor Supply. Please use the stores located in Clanton Alabama. We appreciate any and all help! I should have a list posted tomorrow night and we will have it in two sections, one for items we can always use and one for items with limited use.

Good night ,we love ya,blessing be with you and talk to yas tomorrow! Oh and we leave you with shots of our roos!

IMG_4925 Stripey!!

IMG_4921 Our black chick, this one picks fights and spars but no wounding.

IMG_4929 And my Lovey!! We have two more but they would not sit for the photos heheh. Camera shy, maybe next week.

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