And here we are making dreams a reality!

Good evening!

We have plowed again and hopefully soon we will get the rows made and some planting done. I have lost almost all I started inside, so we are starting basically from scratch. My peas outside are growing slowly. Same with our blue berries. I got some fertilizer I will be using this weekend to see if that helps them grow.

Today was our first day of sunshine this week. Tomorrow we have a 40% chance of rain and we are praying it hold off till we finish the coop. We got a large amount done today and will be finishing it up tomorrow if the weather holds. We need it too, because otherwise the wood we put on the outside will be ruined since it is not painted. We picked up some paint from the Walmart clearance (not right color) isle (THANK YOU MS CATHY!!!). It was so cheap for 5 gallons that we even got some inside semi gloss paint!! I will take pictures of it as we paint so you can see the color. Durbs says its pretty lol and will blend in.. chickenflage! We are adding chicken wire every space we see is open due to the nature of building with whole pallets. We had our flock outside today, the transition is getting easier each time we do it. The birds are trusting me more and more each day. They can fly now about 4-5 feet into the air. It is almost warm enough to leave them outside over night, but our run is not secure enough for that, so we will bring them in each night at dusk, this will hopefully aid us in coop training them. We are also going to go get another 24 eggs and hatch again. The coop is HUGE so it can hold more than 20 birds easy. We miscalculated the size, it is actually 12′ by 14′!!!!! Unfortunately one for the floor boards broke today, another problem with building with pallets, so we are going to go ahead and lay down play wood to add more support. The support beams are good to go, it is the cross boards that are weak. Another issue we are having is Carpenter Bees. We have one nest in our stairs, two-three in the coop. Thus another reason we are painting the coop, inside and out.

IMG_5028 We have half the roof up!!!! Yep me and Durbs raised the roof!! IMG_5030 I know its blurry but you can see the side has the bottom half paneled. We got both sides and half the front paneled today.

Another thing we did today was restructure our budget, since the savings we had is finally getting down the last dollar we have had to rethink some things. Currently all trips are being postponed, and the shed and green house are benched. Luckily we all have enough school supplies and clothes to last till fall if not winter. Yes we are getting down to the wire on our budget. Hopefully after Durbs graduates he can get on as a teacher at the college in Clanton, that would be a huge blessing. I am making bracelets now, extremely low priced compared to etsy, but hope to sell some soon.

IMG_5022 The bracelets I make, currently available for $2.50 each and $1 shipping.

Anny got the tulips, sunflowers, and zinnia planted in our flower garden!! And our daffodils are blooming in bunches! We have several strawberry blooms too, might even get some fruit from those now that the fire ants have left.  We are making slow progress on getting grass to bloom in the front yard. We are currently taking the grass clumps out of the field and tossing them on the yard, some take some don’t. I find the hardest thing about homesteading is there doesn’t seem to be enough  hours in the day or enough hands to get everything we need done. Due to my disability I have my days where I am overwhelmed and need to rest. Right now those days are usually rainy days or Durbs works on things.

Another blessing we have….. AC that is right we have AC!!! its nice when the weather outside is hot and humid! I have found that my level of comfort is at 76-78. Durbs is about the same, but lil man is at like 65. Trin is like us and so is Anny we like it at 77 or so, but Frankie loves it lower around 70.  We don’t plan on running it everyday, as it is still cool in the mornings and evenings. We also put up the aluminum foil on the top half of the windows last weekend, that has aided immensely. I am not really looking forward to the summer and 110 degrees with 100 percent humidity, but I will adapt.

We had Sarah in all day yesterday without a single accident, then this morning after being walked she pooped inside. So out she went all day. I figure she will be outside during the day and inside at night. We shaved off about 6 inches of hair over the weekend so she is much cooler now. I hope we did not get it to close, because I would hate for her to get sunburned lol. Katnis has big sores all around her neck, it looks like she got in a fight and was partially skinned.  They seem to be healing ok, except she licks them allot. I would buy her a cone to aid in healing but she outside and it would get stuck on all kinds of stuff.  We have another stray cat that has adopted us. It is a calico, I don’t like her because she tears up the underpinning on the trailer. Durbs still has the back of the trailer to put the skirting up on, maybe this weekend he will get to it.

IMG_4997 Anny works along side me with the chickens now, shes invaluable!

IMG_5009 This is Sarah and Lovey. Lovey pecked Sarah’s nose when she got to close, I really hope Sarah never tries toe at these birds. We hope by introducing  so young, and having Sarah around them allot it will stop her from this. She has never tried to even lick one, currently she just sniffs. First sign of her going after them though and we will definitely have to rethink Sarah’s role here.

Well I am off of here to go crochet more jewelry. Love y’all!

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