Another Rainy Day

Good Evening!

So today the rain was scattered today, we did not get much outside work done but we did reach a goal with planting! That is right we planted today! First I put yarn around some nails for our pea plants to grow on. My sister suggested this. I think she’s right this will definitely help.


We planted our tomatoes around a 5 gallon bucket to help us with watering. The idea is that the bucket gets filled and takes time to drain out keeping the plants watered. So we took a 5 gallon bucket and drilled holes along the bottom and about 12 inches up. I think I forgot about after we planted and filled up the bucket, is that the soil here is amazing and so the water drained out rapidly! Oh well after the second pitcher it slowed, perhaps we did not need this.

IMG_5036 There are 4 tomato plants around the blue bucket these are small right now. We plan on putting the fencing around them in a few days. Frankie, Durbs and I weeded, I dug, I put plants in and Frankie covered them with dirt.

Then we went on planting 8 cabbage plants! We have a few more we can plant, but the rain started coming down so we went inside. While me and the girls were planting Durbs used the weed eater to edge the front yard since its mostly weeds, it’s all short now! And trin and lil man played in the puddles!


Durbs also picked up three 33 gal trash cans for using as water barrels lol. At $10 each we can’t beat that! Hope fully tomorrow we can finish the coop since we really need to add to our flock. I have not seen any local eggs for hatching, but that can change daily. We also need to weed the flower garden and plant more of the flowers. Hehehehe Frankie said it will be great when we get everything done. I giggled and replied it will never been finished! This is life 🙂  We did take time today to play in the rain!

Love y’all and I am off to crochet more jewelry!

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