Got a lot of things done today!

Good Evening!

Today I started mowing around 9am. It took a few hours but the bulk of the cleared area is mowed. We manage to get more and more mowed each week! Hopefully next week we can mow all the way around the field. I will have to edge the ditch again next week and the field as there are privet growing up around it.

We had the chickens out side again today, they seem to really enjoy the run. Durbs and lil man went to the chicken show in Clanton and got us a contact for eggs!  They saw a very colorful rooster and a very fluffy chicken! Durbs sent me pictures and I will add them later as I have to wait on my email to come through.

20150418_140742 20150418_141640

We painted the coop inside and out. We did this to help seal the wood from all the rain since we do not have a roof on it yet. We also added some wood to the back wall of the coop. All that work down there showed me that the breeze we feel up here does not get back there, so we will have more ventilation planned into the coop and will remove a few more trees. It’s a yucky vomit pink purple color.

IMG_5047  The back wall of the coop.IMG_5048  Anny was a huge help and not only got where the roller would not but painted the inside all by herself.IMG_5049 And this is what it looks like today. I will be finishing up the bottom boarding and roof next week I hope. The roof is becoming our challenging item. Then its perches and chickens. The chickens will be in lockdown in the coop for 2 weeks, that hopefully will give us enough time to secure a small yard area for them to forage through, until we get our fence up. Yes we are putting up a fence, but not a traditional one, we are doing a stick fence with barbwire to hold it together. We know we will do along the ditch, but have not decided the other side yet. We also need to clear more privets and get more grass going.

We got to chat with Ms Billy again today and she introduced us to Durby Sr. cousin Wesley. They live down the road a bit and offered to help with the plowing if we need it. They are still recovering from the tornado that hit. Wesley remembered where the old house stood and told us about Big Mama and Big Papa. Quite a interesting man and a pleasure to chat with.

We then went and planted another 13 cabbage family plants. I could not tell if it is cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower but that is ok. We have a few more to plant and some lettuce or collard greens. Anny and I also moved 5 wheel barrels full of dirt/compost from the coop area. We used it to start filling in the holes in our side yard from the septic system. We might get more moved tomorrow if the weather allows.


Our Trinity can recognize 2 and 4 when using items! So if you have 2 toys she will tell you that. Lil man can count to 10 but its more recite than actually point and count. Both are getting better at the alphabet. They both know all the colors, and objects on the cards. Lil man gets clearer everyday with his speech. Anny is practicing at home for the concert next month. She is playing the xylophone for it. Our Frankie though chose to not do her chores so she spent today inside grounded. We all hope she makes better decisions tomorrow.

Well I am off to eat dinner! Meaty Macaroni it is!

Love y’all, blessings be with you.

PS. I want to personally thank Durby Sr., Sandra, Celeste, and Carol for all the wonderful girly bath stuff I have. It is a huge pleasure to get to take a shower after working outside all day. And we still use the lavender bed spray. Thank you all so much for it!! And the pedicure kit is amazing, I finally have female feet instead of Navy boot feet.

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