An unexpected day of sun and work!

Good Evening!

Well today was supposed to storm but instead ended up being perfect. We managed to get a days worth of work in! We did not work on the coop since we kept expecting a storm to roll in. We started by putting the chickens out in the run.

IMG_5052  We put the tarp on just for shelter in case it rained.

IMG_5054 They are getting so very big!

The we sent Anny to the shed near the pond to get some chicken wire cones for our blue berries, raspberries, and black berry plants. After that we started on the veggie garden.

IMG_5053We got another 20 plants in and we only have 5 left.

Anny also planted marigolds and sweet williams in Marion’s Magical garden.

Then we worked on the walkway. I had wanted it out of wood, but with all the rain most of the recovered wood is destroyed. So we switched to brick. We have a bunch of old broken bricks around. They are different sizes and shapes but we are having fun piecing it together.

IMG_5058 IMG_5059

It will eventually go all the way to where we park. I think we are doing good so far. And with all the roots and rocks it was one tough job to get it the ten feet we did.

Durbs put up another 5 panels of skirting and completed his homework for college. It was a lot of work for a day we thought would be rained out!

I adore bonus days! Love y’all, blessings be with you, sweet dreams! Chat at ya tomorrow!


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