Another sunny day!

Good Evening!

Wow it feels almost dreamlike after these last weeks of rain to finally have more than two days without rain.  Today I got to sleep in thanks to my hubby! He took the kids and went grocery shopping for the rest of the week. He, Trin and lil man stopped by Verbena Baptist on the way home to play on the swings, slides and teeter totter they have. The kids did not want to leave, so maybe we can go more often. I started cleaning after rolling out of bed at 1030 this morning, but my hubby told me to stop and play. So I did, I got in an hour or so of gaming and relaxing.

After the came home we put up the groceries, ate lunch and went outside. Durbs got more of the skirting up and I went to work in the veggie garden. After Frankie came home I had her help me in the veggie garden. It does not look like we will get our herb garden up and running this year. Between the flower garden, chickens, veggie garden, crop field, burn pile, and clearing I just can’t find the time to clear another area of roots. We hope to start it next year close to the trailer and move the veggie garden farther away. I have set a goal to clear to the pine tree, back to the old coop we found and around the jenga tree, all by Christmas. I will have to dig up the privets so I hope I gave myself enough time. We added in to wheel barrels of  the dirt around the coop to our veggie garden and will add more tomorrow.

IMG_5062 Here is a pic of the area we got done in the garden today.

We started more seeds today as well. And tomorrow we want to plant our carrots. We started watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, radishes, lavender, dill, basil, and rosemary. I have not had any luck with any of the herbs. We only started 4 cantaloupe and 4 watermelon. We started only 6 cucumbers too. We kept these numbers low as we have an idea of how many the crops will produce and do not want to over do it. Also the cucumbers need a trellis which we only have two left. The watermelons and cantaloupes like small hills, these being so picky we decide would be best in the veggie garden instead of the field.  I also plan to seed lettuce around the cabbage we already have planted, since it will mature faster than the cabbage there should not be a sunlight issue. The carrots and radishes which I lost all I had already seeded will be next to each other too.

We figured out how we want to do the roof on the coop and discussed the door today. I feel better about building it now, I have been stuck on the coop due to fear that the roof would collapse the building. We have decided to add more 2×4’s to the walls for added support. We also need to get more chicken wire since we do not have enough. The chickens are getting so very big, we need to finish the coop soon, as they wont fit in the brooder much longer. Then we will have around 2 weeks to get a free range area for them to hang out in. I really do not want to enclose the are but instead fence off  one side or two. We really do not have stray dogs running around, and the cats are too lazy. I figure since we have trees and lots of bushes they can roost high enough to avoid most of the daytime predators. At night they will be kept in the coop, even if I have to chase them down lol.

Well I have a sunburn again, and I still need to crochet more bracelets for the drum line to sell. Sweet Dreams, Blessing be with you, Love Y’all and chat with ya tomorrow!


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