A big day!

Good evening!

Today was ‘The Showcase of Learning’ at Verbena’s Schools! Durby went this morning and saw both Anny’s display and Frankie’s! He came back telling me my kids talked the most, knew the most and engaged people the best!! This is definitely due to all the public speaking they did with Ms Cathy and People Helping Our Youth Everyday! I am so proud of my girls!!! He told me even other parents complimented them! That is wonderful. They both came home happy and felt they did a great job. Frankie brought home her report card and she has all A’s with one B. She has turned her grades around since we moved here. So proud of her!IMG_5063

After he got back from the school we went to the VA in Montgomery to check in. Its taken me 4 months to get up the strength to go seek out another doc. I have my next apt on the 28th of May and Durbs is the 29th. We both have lab work before and then we will get our referrals in for our specialty apts. The service lady was nice, even though we were supposed to check in separately she let us stay together. She did my check in last, and as soon as she saw my diagnosis her demeanor changed, she was much nicer and even sweet. She told me I am getting 80% from the VA which I thought was only 70%. This change is great news. We will apply for me to get total and complete disability soon and for Durbs to get the stipend to take care of me. God is definitely opening doors!!

Even after the stress of going to the VA we still got some work on the homestead done. We got the chickens out side. The chickens love it and so does Lil man!


We got the plow to run two rows in the field. We think it is having a sparking issue as it will crank but not start sometimes. It is either that or it wants Gpa to drive it :).


Me, Anny and Frankie got more planting done and some more weeding of the veggie garden.IMG_5065 Our first lettuce we planted between the cabbage rows as it will mature faster than the cabbages so neither will get overshadowed.

IMG_5068 Here is my big helper planting more lettuce and carrots in the area we cleared yesterday and added the soil from around the coops.

IMG_5073 Here is all our rows neatly done. 4 carrots and 3 lettuce!

IMG_5074 We did not get far but we did get more cleared of weeds for more planting. And we have radishes and cucumbers started, we should plant them this week as well.

Anny also worked on Marion’s Magical Garden. She got more roots out so we can plant more flowers soon. I do not have any more excursions planned for this week, but do plan to switch my driver’s license over to Alabama soon. I am only waiting on my Birth certificate to get here.

I am off to go relax, crochet and sleep. Love y’all, sweet dreams, blessing be with you!

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