We should start our work outside before lunch.

Good evening!

Lately we have not been getting outside to work till after lunch. With the sun so bright and the temps getting up higher and higher we really need to reschedule our days to put us outside before lunch. Today we were sweetly surprised by our youngest counting items all over our home. He can count up to ten easily now! Trinity is not nearly as interested in counting but is asking a lot of questions about gardening and the coop construction.   Today I am exhausted from the last few days, but I know we got two more before the rains come back so we are pushing through.

We got the chickens outside and they had a blast. Anny gave them one of our strawberries, which we did not expect to survive the fire ant attack. They loved it and fought over it hahaha. We use the brooder for transport to and from the run. Today they did much better than they have in the past. Lovey got out while we were putting the chickens in the run, and he let me catch him without much fuss. At the end of the day as the sun starts to set we bring the chickens in. Today as I rolled back the top of the run and walked toward the chickens they did not run in panic from me, they did run but where not panicked. I did have to catch them as they did not want to come in, but they did not bite, or try to fly away. After we got them inside they quieted down quickly and let us hold and pet them.

IMG_5078 They are getting way to big for the brooder!

And yes we got more eggs today!!! We bought from the same guy who sold us our first set. We hope to get more than 11 out f this 24. We shall see in three weeks when they hatch! We will start candling this weekend  to see if they are fertile!


Durbs worked on roofing the coop today. He got some major work done too! Tomorrows work should be simple but heavy lifting. We might even get the metal roof on!

IMG_5080  He raised the front of the pallet by two inches so it will have some angle to it.IMG_5081  If you look closely you can see we chose to use another 2×4 for a block or stop behind this 4×4 beam. This will help stop the roof from sliding off the walls.

IMG_5079 This is what it looks like today, we got the triangle supports up and the last pallet angled. Tomorrow we add more pallets to the roof and more support beams.

Me and Anny planted more today. First we cleared out more land and added the soil from around the coop to it. The we planted the radishes, thyme and half the watermelon we started two days ago. Usually seeds take longer to start rooting but these are moving fast. Tomorrow we plan to plant cucumbers, more watermelon and cantaloupe. We might have more starting too. Still our lavender has no signs of starting. This is our third try to get this to grow.


Good night everyone. I am exhausted and we still have two more full days of work left this week before the rains!

Love y’all


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