Exhaustion took over but we still got some work done!

Good evening.

Well it finally won. I did not wake up till after 1 pm today. Even then it was difficult to stay awake. Around two we put the chickens out in the run and by 3 we finally got outside for work. We planted more today, I unfortunately forgot to take pictures. We planted another watermelon, cucumbers, cantaloupe and basil. Tomorrow it looks like the chives are ready to go int he ground. Now we are planting these as soon as a root shows, so it wont really speed up the growing process, we just want to make sure the seeds at least start. We found we lost a row of carrots, someone or something trampled the seed line so e need to replant those. We have one more tomato plant to put in and we are still waiting on rosemary and lavender.

Durbs did some more work on the coop. We got another pallet up for the roof!!IMG_5087

We need to get more pallets to do the rest and we will have to purchase some metal roofing but we hope not much. We are not planning on doing much Friday and Saturday as the weather is supposed to be stormy with a chance of severe Saturday.  We only got a few hours of work in today and we are still worn out.

Good night everyone! Love y’all!

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