Smooth sailing through a severe weather warned day!

Good Evening!

Well God answered our prayers today and kept the severe weather away from our homestead! The rains this morning did wash out some of our seeds as our veggie garden is slanted. Even though this happened we can re-seed tomorrow so it’s really not that big of a deal! Our rains died  down around 7 am and we started baking!

IMG_5095 I made bread with Anny. Trin told us what shape to knead it into, as usual they both laughed at the butt you can make with it.

IMG_5097  Anny made the Ritz today. She used the Ninja and you can find the recipe we use here.

IMG_5098 Trinity’s task was to poke the holes in each cracker with the fork! She had a blast helping!

IMG_5099 IMG_5102  And the men relaxed watching TV.IMG_5103  Our bread! Turned out pretty today and you can find our recipe here. We are open to suggestions to make it tastier as I find it quite bland.

IMG_5104 Our Crackers today where a little burned but still delicious!

After this we made our laundry soap and did good cleaning on the inside of our home before we went outside for our fun work!  The recipe for our laundry soap can be found here:

Friday we got to have some unique fun when cleaning up around our coop. We found lots of earth worms! This prompted me to decide to try out earthworm composting. So I had both Anny and Frankie collect up all the earthworms we found, there were a lot of them. Anny said she lost count after 40.

IMG_5093 IMG_5094

We put them in a bin and waited till Durbs got to run errands today. He ran them during the break in the storms and he got us some cheap 5 gallon buckets. We turned these into a stackable worm composter we found on Pinterest.

IMG_5105 I taught Anny how to use one of our drills and she took over drilling all the holes in the composter. The next pick is one of our worms having fun! I will keep y’all updated if this is worthwhile. IMG_5112

Another thing we found out during this fun event was our chickens LOVE earthworms!!!! So even if this is not effective as a composter we have a way to keep treats for the chickens around! We will go down to the coop again tomorrow and see if we can find more worms as we continue to clean up the outside area. The web page to the composter is here:

We have had a wonderful development and a sad ending in our homestead today! We had our very first bloom in Marion’s Magical Garden!IMG_5107 A Yellow Zinnia. Which Trinity promptly picked to give to me. We explained to her very sweetly thank you but those flowers she has to ask Anny before she picks them since Anny is the one in charge of them. I then gave the lone flower to Anny and reminded her she had several more soon to bloom and our sunflowers are coming up nicely. We hope to get in some weeding time tomorrow.

We did manage to get our chickens out to the run for a few hours today and I found out that they love clover flowers as well as the small grasses we let go to seed for them.

IMG_5108 This is a sample of what we let them forage.

We have had some luck with our simple rain barrels. We have yet to really set up a collection site but the three simple trash cans did get us a few inches of water!

IMG_5111 You can’t really see but it’s almost 6 inches! That is combined from all three barrels/trash cans. We will use this till it runs out to water our garden. We hope to set up an actual collection area with a tarp to aid in collection rain water in a few weeks.

As we walked around the property today picking up sticks so the mowing can be finished tomorrow we noticed a pear tree starting fruit and this tree overloaded with fruit.

IMG_5113 We are so excited!!

We also cleaned out more unwanted plants from around the cottage. Durbs and I are considering teaching Anny how to use the weed eater so she can take over edging the acreage. We also are talking about how DENSE the foliage around the barn is now. You can not even see past the first set of leaves without moving the shrubbery out of your way. This makes the area dangerous for our youngins as the snakes are already out and about. Our neighbor and friend Ms. Billy already had one on her porch. So for now we will keep the lil ones even closer to us as we work on clearing out more land to get those pesky snakes to go away. The pond has ducks too. We heard them and saw two today. I will try to get Anny to go take some pictures next week. She has some of my old cowboy boots that fit nicely and some really thick jeans to protect her from snakes.

I did manage to get some mowing done today, but not much. The wind was blowing just right that for most of the time the grass I cut was blowing back on me. Not a huge deal but as there are several fire ant colonies that get ran over and I am allergic to them, it proved to be way to much for my anxiety. We also found the dense foliage to set off anxiety in me as well. Yet another reason to clear more out!

I have also decided to try out some apps, that are supposed to pay you(very small amounts) for using them. I will keep y’all posted as to whether they are worth the effort or not. I also had some  people show interest in my bracelets but no sales yet. And we looked into me filing for unemployment, but since I already filed for disability I will wait on SS as they frown on receiving unemployment.

I am off of here to go relax and make crayons! Thank to my sister lending us a crayon maker! Love y’all, blessings be with ya and sweet dreams! Chat with y’all tomorrow.

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