And we are out of Data again!

Good morning!

We unfortunately ran out of Data two days ago. It is quite an adjustment to go from unlimited data with internet to a data limit. We had an unscheduled download that ate up the data for this month. So for the rest of the week I will try to post in the early morning the day after. So here is our delayed Sunday Post.

So we worked at the cottage for a few hours straightening and organizing the items we have in there. We also picked where to put a shed and started clearing out the privets to see if we have enough room.

IMG_5140 Yes that is the jenga tree. We plan on putting the shed behind it. It will take a bit to clear the area. Anny helped me and we got some of the branches down that where dead on the jenga tree.

IMG_5147 Yes that branch is more than twice her height!

We also worked on the coop and got the flooring in place!IMG_5141

Now we hope to get the roof done today. And there is laundry, crackers to bake, planting to do and of course moving the chickens to the run. Whew homesteading is very busy!

Love y’all, Blessings be with you and I am off before the internet goes back to dial-up for the day!


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