Good Morning! Yesterday was a day of small miracles.

Good Morning!

Yesterday I seemed to cry at every little thing that happened, but it was more crying from happiness, and relief.  We had a slow start t the morning, but we got Durbs out the door to go down to Lowe’s. We knew that it was Roofing day for our coop so he had to drive to Prattville to Lowe’s to get the steel roof. At first it appeared we would need another close to $300 to finish the coop, but Durbs got it down to $200! Yes that is right! He not only figure out how to reduce the amount of roofing but also argued down the cost of the front door! That combined with our Military discount was what managed to not only reduce our costs but also allow us to buy more things we did not think we needed for the coop. Yes that is right he bought more overall items and reduced the cost by $100. God was already showing us his blessings but this was not the end of our miracles for our Monday.

While Durbs was shopping for the roof, I noticed our pea plants missing flowers. At first I got really annoyed, because I thought I had animals eating the blossoms. It took a good 5 minutes or so before I realized the flowers were gone due to making pea pods! Yes that is right we have our first signs of veggies! We also have almost 20 strawberries ripening! We have only three pea pods right now. Another thing we noticed is BOTH of our watermelon plants are coming up, we had one cucumber sprouting, some herbs and possible some lettuce! And we have two more Zinnia blooms! All these blessings before lunch had me weepy.


So me and the lil ones went outside to work, the played while I edged and trimmed our front yard. We did 5 loads of laundry and hung them on the line together. And we got some grass out of the field. The lil ones helped me with the grass removal even though neither wanted too. Then I got them inside for lunch as Durbs made it home from getting the roof.

Then as the after noon turned to evening I did inside chores as Durbs put the metal roof on the coop. I ended up spending close to an hour cleaning the kids bathroom lol! But the bathtub is now buildup free!  Trinity helped me as lil man took his nap. She Cleaned up in the kitchen. Durbs came in around 230 as the battery operated drill had run out of power.

20150427_140623 He took a picture of what he had done already. Halfway in an hour!

Trinity and I helped run extension cords down to the coop so he could continue working. We had a minor set back when the adapter for the bolts as lost, but Durbs was able to use another set of sockets and bits to make a replacement. He asked for my help putting the last pallet back on the roof, I looked over and this is what I saw.20150427_141014 This pallet is 13 ft or more, so I asked how did you do that. Durbs simply said I have no idea. This position made it very easy to put it back on the roof.

Durbs then went back to work on the roof and completed it in another hour!IMG_5155 God again showing his blessings as neither of us have ever installed metal roofing! It is supposed to rain today so that will definitely show us if its leak free!.

When my older two got home I showed them all the blossoms, strawberries and pea pods. Then we grabbed a trash-bag and a small tub, headed down to the coop area to clean out more trash. There is a large amount of glass around the coop, and the earthworms were up and wriggling today. We got quite a bit cleaned up and over 20 more worms. Then we had to help Durbs clean up and get inside to cook dinner. Hmm can you guess what we had? Here is a pic of us starting the dinner…IMG_5156  Well I know some of you know! HOBO DINNERS!!!! YUMM! A family favorite.

Durbs went to work on his last two homework assignments from last week he had to finish as me and the kids took care of dinner and chores. And Durbs finished both very hard homework assignments!!! So my hero not only went shopping, roofed for the first but also completed his incredible hard homework! By this time tears just freely fell as the all the blessings for the day could not have come at a better time.

In the 3 days I have had InboxDollars I have made almost $10. I wont get rich but its kinda cool to have an income again! I would recommend the app if you do not mind completing surveys. I also switched my search engine to Bing and signed up for the rewards program. I already have 50 points there.You can cash in around 500 for $5 gift cards. Again not a way to get rich but these added up could bring in close to $100 a month. For us that’s incredible!

Well I got to get to baking crackers! Love y’all, blessings be with yas, and chat with y’all tomorrow!


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