Suprise! We met Aunt Gail and Edward!

Good morning!

This Friday our posts will return to the evenings. Our data plan will begin a new cycle. We are going to have to work harder to stay within the limits. Getting up early to post is not working out for me, but then getting up early has always been something I dislike. With our days ending after 11 pm it makes getting up before 6 am near impossible and getting at 630 a serious struggle. So back to our title.

We had a surprise visitor Tuesday! I was a mess, heh dragging my feet on getting around. Durbs was napping. I had turned off lights and darkened the house to candle our 24 eggs. After I had gotten through 6 there was a knock at the door.That was a shocker as no one knocks at our door. I opened the door and there in the bright sun was this loving couple. The minute she introduced herself I was very happy. Aunt Gail was the last one to meet, and I have thought about since before we moved here. Aunt Gail owns the property our crop field is on, the center of the three Robinson lots.  I went and got Durbs up, poor guy still had the sleep lines on his face when he came out. I had been very anxious about working on her property, but having met her that has faded. We showed her around a little bit and she shared memories of the land before it was over grown. She and Edward talked about Big Mama and Big Papa. It was such a pleasure to meet them, it was a fabulous surprise! And on one of our lazy days or we might have been too busy to chat. Even lil man and trin came out one at a time to hand out in Durbs arms and meet them. Trin played shy and would not turn her head to look at them, but smiled big when daddy turned to take her back in. Such a lovely surprise, we cant wait to have them visit again. Next time pictures, if they allow! Thank you Aunt Gail and Edward for taking the time to stop by and surprise us!

Candling. Yep I candled all 24 Tuesday. Candling is shining a very bright light through an egg to see inside, like ultrasound for us.  We had 4 clear eggs, no sign of life which will be checked two more times, then I will toss the eggs. We had only 4 that we could see the baby in, but at day 5 out of 21 that is ok. I candled the clear ones again yesterday and two had shadowy masses, still no Blood vessels. Another one I candled to show Durbs the difference had what appeared to be a blood ring, which is a sign of bacteria entry into the egg and death of baby inside. We did candle one that was next to it and it also had what looked like a ring, but it also had a wriggling baby so we could be wrong. We will candle them again at day 10. I then candled one I knew was good and you could see baby with its huge eye floating and wriggling around. The last one I wont candle again till day 14. I will candle more today, perhaps another 6-7. This is day 7 we should see baby in there if the egg’s shell is not too dark. So again today I delay getting dressed hehehe.

I baked yesterday from 10am till 3pm. I made bread, crackers and tried my hand at flour tortillas. Durbs and lil man went grocery shopping while me and trin baked. Trin put the holes in the crackers and watched me cook. The bread came out golden brown and looks delicious. The crackers were completely eaten yesterday so I will have to make more this morning after I get done here. And as for my tortillas…IMG_5174  I don’t have an iron skillet but I did ok.

Some had black spots but overall I made 12 good size tortillas. They were bland so we decided to make desert with them and add cinnamon and sugar.IMG_5193 Everyone loved these!! I still have some tortillas left over so we will do this again for desert! I am so excited to add the veggies from our garden to make different tortillas, like sun ripened tomato tortilla, or sweet bell. I look forward to experimenting once our crops start coming in. I used the wonderful ceramic lined skillet I got Christmas from Gpa and Nana. It worked beautifully, with such a wonderful skillet there is no need for an iron one. Thank you so much for giving me the set!

We had the chickens out yesterday too. See the rainy weather passed to our south, so instead of a rain day it was an outside day, well for the chickens. When we brought them in I decided to see if they like my bread as well. Boy oh boy do they! This is going to be used to help me get them into the coop at night. IMG_5183 IMG_5184 I had Anny and Frankie help with the treat.

We made sure that even the lowest on the totem pole got some.

After the girls got home from school we cleaned up from the baking and brought in the groceries. We had delicious BBQ chicken, corn and stuffing last night with the cinnamon and sugar covered tortillas. Such a delicious feast. After dinner all of us but durbs went outside. We are trying to make sure Durbs gets a lot of time to study, his final for this semester is due Sunday. One more class after this and he is done with his Master’s Degree!! Anny and I weeded the flower garden while Frankie, Trin and Lil man all played. Well Trin and lil man mostly fought, but they did play a little. They fight more when they are tired and neither had a nap yesterday. Overall the last two days have been wonderful!
Today we will work on the coop, plant chives, weed some more, and maybe even get the field plowed. We hope to get the chickens in the coop Friday and get all our Saturday chores done, just in-case we get a wonderful visit from Gpa and Nana!

Going to go bake some crackers! Love Y’all, blessing with yas today! Chat with y’all tomorrow!


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