Two goals completed today.

Good evening.

I think everyone here today is exhausted. Wow these last two days have been full. I We have completed two of our biggest goals for this year. The chicken coop has our chicken in it and our field is planted! Let me let that sink in for a minute.

Our chicken are in our handmade 12×13 coop and our huge crop field is planted!!!!!!!

This feels like a dream, really surreal. These are the two first things we new that had to get done.  We are working out an irrigation system and a chicken yard. I will get the perches done tomorrow as well as fix the 5 gallon chicken Waterer which over flows often. I also will edge the field and plant our tomatoes. I also plan to clean all the poultry dust out of my room!

Now for our amazing day! Gpa, Nana and Nani came foe a visit today. Nani’s visit was very special to us as it is her first in a long time that she had been to verbena. Our friend Ms Billy came for a visit and Weseley stopped by. There were more people but my brain has melted from the sun. Gpa was able to get the tractor started after Nana prayed. The it was time to lay the rows and get some planting done!  Gpa started laying the rows but Durbs finished. Gpa then started adding a little fertilizer and we started planting seeds. This was quite amazing to me as I did not realize we were planting today. So I gathered up all our seeds and Nana showed me how to seed. Frankie, Anny, lil man and Trin all joined in.

IMG_5265  IMG_5270 IMG_5271 IMG_5272  IMG_5275   IMG_5223  IMG_5238 IMG_5242   IMG_5249  IMG_5260

We also ate hotdogs and visited. Trinity and lil man both got rides with Nana!

IMG_5214 IMG_5218

And Ms Billy visited with Nani!IMG_5236

Durbs and I planted the last 7 rows together. We left 2 rows for Celeste’s striped butter beans. It has been one amazing day!

After everyone left for the day, we then went right to work finishing the coop.The chicken went in for their first night around 6 pm.  We are training them to come when we call ‘Hey You Guys!’ So we give them treats or such when we say it. Tonight it was home-made bread, which these birds adore!. Durbs and I agree we both felt the need to stay and watch over the chickens all night. I also thing our home is so quiet now. In 2 weeks though we should be ending our next hatch and have a house full of chicks again.

IMG_5298 IMG_5299 IMG_5296

good night everyone. We are exhausted. We love y’all, blessings be with yas, sweet dreams and we shall chat tomorrow!


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