A long day. Thank you God for the cool weather, breeze and free water!

Good Evening.

So after checking the weather and seeing that it might not rain for ten days we decided to try watering our huge crop field ourselves. It was a huge success!! We used the ceramic lined bucket, a red nylon rope, 3 water barrels, a dolly and 2 empty 2 liter bottles with holes. Took 5 hours and 4 barrels of water but each crop row was watered down. We even watered the veggie garden and the flower garden. Then refilled the water barrels and too a break. I know we hauled up over 100 buckets of water today from the well. My hands are killing me and my knees are weak from pain, but it was well worth it!IMG_5304 - CopyIMG_5300 - CopyIMG_5305 - Copy

Anny and Frankie watered while I hauled water. This easily would have cost us a ton to do if it was not well water!

Then I put a pallet into the coop for perching. The chickens like it.IMG_5306 - Copy

After a full day of working outside it was time for dinner. Apple chicken quesadillas. I made the flour tortillas, Durbs fried them and added chicken and cheese, then Anny added apples and salsa!

IMG_5309 - CopyIMG_5310 - Copy

Every body loved them and we had a few leftovers which we gave to the chickens!

IMG_5312 - Copy At first they were scared of the plates lol!

IMG_5311 - Copy IMG_5314 IMG_5313 - Copy  In the end they ate them all right up!

They prefer my home-made bread though. We refilled the water and closed them up for the night. We did not find a way to make a better chicken Waterer yet, but it is because the lid does not seal good enough. We plan on try something else soon enough.

Tomorrow is bread and cracker making day. Anny did it for me Saturday so I did not have to. And tomorrow Durbs is thinking about heading into town to get a water hose hook up for at least one of our water barrels. Even if the water hose we have is only 25 ft. This would make watering the field so much easier.

We Durbs is taking his final, the kids are all in bed, Anny is doing her last dishes and I am taking some naproxen, putting aloe vera on my burned shoulders and off to crochet some more bracelets.

Good night everyone. Sweet dreams, blessings be with yas, love y’all and we will chat again tomorrow!

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