And boy does my sunburn still ache.

Good evening!

Well I took a lazy day but I did get most of the dust from the chickens cleaned up in my room. That was a huge mess. We checked on the chickens twice today. We watered them this morning, but they had enough this evening so it looks like a daily watering. They are still in confinement in the coop to ensure they know it is home.  We all went outside after the girls got home from school to water the crops and enjoy the great outdoors.  We used the water I drew up from the well yesterday but only got half the rows done and the veggie garden before we came in to have dinner. Trin said she was thirsty too like the plants so I watered her!


We also found that in front of the gate at the end of the field has wild Blackberries!!


Here are our chickens for this evening, chasing around the bread pieces from homemade bread.


They love our pallet coop!

And then we had our first harvest! Green Sweet Peas! Grown from the seeds my sister gave us! IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5327 Awww lil man doesn’t like them lol Its ok I did not either at his age.

Frankie tried one too but said it was a little sour. So either I waited to long to harvest our 3 pea pods or perhaps not long enough. I passed on trying them I will try the next pea pods that are ripening as I type this. Although it is definitely not enough to sustain us, it is nice that some of the seeds I started way back when made it fruition. Our strawberry plants are making about one red berry a day now, so that’s really cool too.

I wish I had a picture of our front yard this evening, but the sun is almost set so it will wait till tomorrow. In the old cottage was a push mower, which runs beautifully. Now our front yard is not ready for the riding lawnmower and too much to use a weed-eater. Durbs mowed it today. It looks amazing. I never realized how much I missed having a mowed front yard till he did it. This afternoon was full of fun and laughter.  Which is something no money could ever buy.

Wednesday Is day 14 of our incubation. I will start candleing our chicks tonight, to finish the 21 by then. Then we have 4 days to lock down! Hard to believe in 10 short days our newest batch of chickens will hopefully start hatching. I am not nearly as nervous this time. I am very glad we have everything already here for them. I never knew how little chickens cost when you let them forage for their food.

We plan to do a dump run tomorrow to get rid of some wood and metal from the old coops. We still have that one in the back to tear down. And we still have to keep cleaning up the grounds where we are going to let our chickens forage. We are excited for the next few months. Durbs will graduate in July and our first crops should start coming in shortly after. And we will be culling some of our roosters by then too. We have lived here for 4 months and 11 days. Some days it seems like only one day and some days it seems like years.  We might not be rich and we work long days but we are happy and a closer family for it! And all of our relationships with God are doing so much better. The man was right when he called this God’s country right before we moved here.

Good night, I am off here to crochet, and play with my kidos. Love y’all, Blessing be with you, sweet dreams and chat at ya tomorrow!

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