Good Morning!!

Good Morning everyone.

Well we have gotten a lot done over the last few days. We have received numerous blessings! First I want to let you know Durbs and I made an extra $300 selling some of our old college books last week! Ahh the blessings of finding stuff to make money while shrinking our massive accumulation of junk.  About that inbox dollar app I put on my phone. Well I have $12 dollars in it, still not a big buck maker but every little bit helps. We will be increasing our money-making efforts the closer we get to July as that is when Durbs graduates with his Master’s Degree.

We had our first harvest! It was a small one but a good one!


Green Sweet Peas, Wild Black berries, Oak Leaf Lettuce, Strawberry

We have been blessed with finding several wild black berry patches! We might even be able to get enough for me to try my have at preserves or jellies. The kids enjoy helping us pick them too so it is a lot of fun. We harvest in the mornings to give the plants a chance heal before this powerful sun and heat hits.

        We worked on the veggie garden too these last few days. We removed one trellis and instead put poles next to the  Black Eyed Peas.We also weeded it and water it twice each day. I started more watermelons, cucumbers and cantaloupe to replace those we have lost.

IMG_5337 Another blessings we have had is that the carrots we thought completely washed away have had some sprouts. And it looks like some of our romaine lettuce has sprouted.IMG_5329 IMG_5330

Our flower garden is doing ok. The Zinnia we started inside is flowering nicely and our sunflowers are growing up fast. We also water this at least once a day if not twice.

IMG_5334 IMG_5333

Now about our watering the plants. As you probably know we haul water from the well. We then use old two liter bottles to sprinkle it on the plants. This is very time-consuming but low-cost. Well  in April we bought three 33 gal trash cans for $10 each to use as water barrels. We now use them to help water. And we made some changes to one of them. We added a water hose and it works! We put it on the dolly we had and fill it up and look!

IMG_5348 IMG_5350

It is not that huge of a flow but it is amazing for our needs. One barrel of water can almost do one-third of the field in less than half the time it was taking!  Durbs put the pieces together to make this gravity fed portable watering can! I could not be happier!  We have also managed to weed about half the crop field.

And…. More to plant we received Celeste’s Butter Bean Seeds from Nana! We love you too and thank you for giving us this opportunity too. I doubt we could ever tell everyone enough how much we appreciate  your support in this massive life change! We will plant them this weekend!

IMG_5339 IMG_5338

We mowed down more around the burn pile, and in the field  by the barn. And we uncovered some interesting signs of wild life. IMG_5343IMG_5341[1] POOP! and a burrow that I did not get a pick of.

We will continue to reclaim this land inch by inch.  Today we have big plans on clearing and I hope they come true.

As for our flock well, they love the coop!IMG_5346

And our eggs go into lock down for hatch tomorrow night. We should have more baby chickens by the end of next week!  We also hope to have our chicken yard set up and the tunnel for them ready to let them out.   We are hearing more and more crows and still plan on culling the brown roosters in two months. I will add in the nesting boxes this fall as the ladies get closer to egg laying.  We also hope to have fully free ranging chickens by then, that keeps our feed costs to less than ten bucks a month!

I am off of here to go bake bread and crackers. The water the plants and continue our amazing new life.  Love y’all. Blessings with you! Chat again tomorrow!


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