And Here is Monday

Good morning!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I got the day off. So I relaxed around our home and the rest of the family did too for the most part.  We did plant Celeste’s Beans, some more cucumbers and cantaloupes. I put some supporting fencing around our tomatoes, and we worked on a watering system. Mostly this weekend we hauled water, that is until our rope broke and we lost the bucket down the well. We have another bucket we use now but it is no where near as good.

I candled all of our eggs. I found one I could see no movement on, but we went ahead and put all 21 into lock down. We should have hatching start Wednesday. I am excited to see if our hatch rate is higher this time. And if we get more hens! Our chickens down in the coop are doing good and this time next week will be allowed our for the first time since moving into the coop.

I am exhausted. But I am up early to make tortillas, crackers and start the field work. I hope it rains tomorrow. That would help with the work load. Our crop field is doing amazingly and in only 9 days from planting we have many lil sprouts with second leaves. I am excited to see how much of a harvest we get. We are attempting to gather 1 lb f black berries to make some Jam. We have maybe a cup frozen now. The girls love hunting the black berries so it is more than worth it.

Good Day I am off here to start my work. I will take pictures today and post them later. Love y’all and have a blessed day!

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