And we have our first!

Well at 1030pm we had our first hatch. The night before due date so next time I will have to keep a better eye on the temp. This one was row one spot one. We might lose some due to heat as this one was the farthest from the heater. We have three others that are pipped, one that pipped before the first hatch. I am not opening the incubator till friday if i can avoid it. Last time we opened it often and only hatched 11. We have a chance st 21 this time. I dont want to risk the losses from humidity drop. This first chick should be ok for at least two days as they absorb the yolk right as they hatch.  

It is a blond as you can see.😍 yeah its gross right now, but it will dry out and fluff up. I am not as nervous as the first time but still hovering lol! We are parents again! I will keep y’all up to date as I can. Sweet dreams, blessing be with ya and love y’all. 

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