Whew what a week of hatching and craziness!

Good Evening!

We have hatched 17 chicks giving us the 70% hatch rate advertised by the Seller we buy from. We think we have 12 hens in this group, but the next few weeks shall tell. If we do then we will be switching tactics and looking for meat birds instead of egg layers. I expect these to cost a lil bit more, but that’s ok because the end price is still less than 70 cents a pound. I can’t beat that either. Once we get our meat birds we will not separate them but instead hatch what eggs we choose not to eat and cull. Even mixed birds from the sets should give us meatier egg layers. I know we could just go for dual purpose to start, but we do not have the finances to achieve this at this time. Maybe in a few years. This brings our total count to 28 birds. Our coop can hold 50-60 so we will be raising meat birds in sets of 12 I think to keep a steady amount. We will incubate or buy chicks every two weeks if we can find a good supply at decent prices. That should give us enough chickens to stock our freezer and such. We will be making that decision in June. Our friend Valerie James raises rabbits for meat in Oklahoma, we are discussing a swap of meats this fall. That would be really cool if we could achieve it. Then we could have chicken and rabbit in our deep freeze. We are still working on the fence for the chicken yard. Once that is installed they will free-range in the area. I made a page titled Our Flock. Please check it out. We have pictures of all our poultry there.

We are adding a for sale page soon to show what we sell, and if it is stock. Our first product is Blackberry Jam. Made with wild organic Blackberries. The jam will come in small jars with crocheted covers on them. The jam requires refrigeration and should only last a week or two.  We should be able to harvest black berries for a few more weeks.

IMG_5463 Black and huge!

IMG_5465 IMG_5464IMG_5466IMG_5380 IMG_5378IMG_5381

We pick every 2 days. All of us go together and take our Easter buckets to carry the berries!

Now for the last week we had been struggling to water our crops. We have argued over it, cried over it, yelled over it, and then we prayed over it. Here are our events in watering and the results.

Trin and Lil man did their best to help out!


Frankie used our watering hose while Anny pulled water from the well.


After several days of 40% chance of rain and nothing, God finally gave us a break!


It started to rain Saturday with brief rains off and on all night and today! Perfect rain for us. The ground gets wet, but not drenched and we gather the rain off the trailer roof.


Radishes are coming up Literally!

IMG_5456 IMG_5455

And we have plants in every row! Some with their third set of leaves already. God is amazing and pulls us up just when we think we ill fall. We have more good news to share soon. We just gotta finish up and take some pics! We love y’all! Blessings be with yas, and sweet dreams! Chat again tomorrow!


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