Our first day of Summer Vacation!

Good evening,

Well we have started our first summer vacation here with high marks! We started the day by picking black berries. Unfortunately the storm yesterday appears to have knocked off most of the black berries. We will check more areas in the morning. I need to get into the big patch and clear some of the over growth so we can gather the berries. We are still aiming to make a pie tomorrow for our Saturday visit from Gpa and Nana. We are very excited to have them come down this weekend. We have been working on a surprise for them for two weeks now. We will post pictures Saturday evening to show everyone what we have been working on.

We weeded some more of the field and half the veggie garden. Our plants are coming up nicely! Here are pictures as requested by Gpa!


Our Watermelon Plant.


Two of our 5 cucumber plants ready to start attaching them to the trellis.


One of our 4 cantaloupe plants we have started.


One of our 4 Oak leaf lettuce.


Our tomatoes. We are going to start more soon, just making sure we have a good spot.


One of our 5 Romaine lettuces we have coming up!


One of our two rows of carrots!

IMG_5564 IMG_5558

And our crop field springing to life!

We worked on the chicken yard today and are over half way done! We should be able to complete it tomorrow!!! We are so excited to have this and we will have our chicken run inside it for our chicks to play in as they grow big enough to hang with our big chicks. We hope to expand the chickens area as time goes on but this is one heck of a grand start!

IMG_5548 IMG_5549 IMG_5550

And here are our chickens in the coop going crazy for my home-made bread!IMG_5552 IMG_5557

They are getting so big!! We will be installing the nesting boxes at the end of summer so we can hopefully get eggs by Thanksgiving!

We have been working all day clearing the land, weeding and burning. We will have another full day tomorrow. Now we have Nanny McPhee playing and spaghetti to eat. Love y’all, Blessings be with you, and sweet dreams!

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