Another fun filled visit from Gpa and Nana.

Good Afternoon,

I did not post yesterday as we did not get done till sundown with all we were working on. We got everything mowed and for our large land area that is a great accomplishment! We looked for black berries but again did not find many. We spent the majority of the day water and weeding the crop field and veggie garden. We also burned most of the day. We shaved another 4 ft by 8ft of the burn pile down. We managed to water almost all of the field which is a huge feat. We also cleared out the bamboo shed took it all to the dump and started working on clearing out the brick shed. We started work at 8am and finished around 7pm. We are exhausted still from it.

Today Gpa and Nana visited and brought Dad’s birthday gift and a Christmas gift from his sister. Dad got some really nice cool shirts and a cutco bread knife! And his Christmas gift from his sister Celeste was station cash for Dragon Prophet! So very Cool!!! We made sure when they left the took the blackberries for the cobble and two jars of jam, one for Celeste and one for Ms Virginia and Papa.

Now yesterday we found that one of our white chicks can free herself from the brooder!IMG_5567

So it is time to put the green plastic mesh we used on it with the last chicks. These are developing faster than the last set, but seem nearly as big. Also I have a few chicks that have a vitamin deficiency. I know this as the outside two on of the feet it curling sideways. If the vitamins do not work we can fashion a shoe if needed. This could be genetic too but since none of the first hatch had it I am leaning toward Vitamins. I just need to pick um some from Walgreen’s as you give them infant liquid drop vitamins.

Now this morning Dad went outside to feed and water the animals. When he got back to the coop the door was open and our chickens gone. He started calling them, he then called me asked to come bring some bread and help. I walked up and they were all in the coop and said I got them in here by shaking the feed bucket. lol We still fed them the bread. We were very blessed this happened as it showed the weakness in our yard design. We know now what we need to do to keep them confined in the yard until we can free range them. We are concerned that someone deliberately opened the coop since the door has a door handle on it, it is a interior door painted for exterior use. We are going to be installing a camera so we can see what is going on. I still have my home security set up from Norfolk VA and so this will be minimal cost. I will also be putting cameras around the outside of the trailer, this is not the first time we thought someone had done something deliberately to sabotage or annoy us here.

Yesterday Anny and Dad completely emptied the bamboo shack. Then I got the wild idea to start on the brick shed and put the dump stuff in the shack. we found all kinds of weird things.IMG_5568 Anny just had to ask if I wanted the broom lol    I simply replied No.  After we got what we thought was enough for one truckload to the dump we stopped.

We mowed, and our yard area is HUGE looking to me now. Again I did not realize how much I loved cut lawns.


It is a several hour process to mow, and then usually it is another day to edge.

Today Gpa taught us about cultivation and even got some of the field  cultivated.

11053194_977003278999792_6840019781062282114_n 10428451_977003295666457_3397175811773367899_n

Thanks for the pictures Nana!!!

And the final part of the work we completed to surprise was the clearing around a pecan tree. It is a big clearing Dad cut and moved away.IMG_5571

This tree was fully covered by privets some grew so close and tightly that cutting them down created a shelf at the base of the tree. It took Dad 2 weeks to clear that area. It was 5 truck loads of privets. We continue to clear the land as we can. One day we hope to get access to the back part of this property which is the bigger part.

Happy afternoon everyone. We are taking a day of rest so I will post again Monday. Blessings be with you, love y’all and have a great weekend.

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