We got some work in between storms.

Good morning,

As you might have guessed our data plan is out again so here I am posting in the morning! Our data ill reset Monday. I might switch over to only morning posts to help keep us in our data plan. Well after Saturday it has been storming on and off. In fact since Monday we have gathered 165 Gals in our rain barrels. That is a lot of rain! We are supposed to have scattered rain storms till Saturday and Sunday. We will continue working between the rains.

Our plants are doing great! See almost every okra seed we planted came up!!!



And we have TOMATO!!!!




Rows of Squash and Corn


Okra row 🙂

As you can see our crops are doing really good. We weeded the Okra rows yesterday and the veggie garden. While we were weeding though we have a really bad loss. Marion’s Magical Garden was destroyed by our youngest two. They teleported when we were not looking and managed to get almost every flower pulled. And I mean pulled out, roots destroyed and all.

IMG_5588 IMG_5589 IMG_5590 IMG_5591 IMG_5592

They did try to put some in a water in a old two liter we had cut in half, but we lost all but one Zinnia and 2 sunflowers. Anny Started more flowers last night inside, she was devastated at the destruction they two caused. We hope to replant by next weekend.

In order to cheer Anny up I decided to go Blackberry hunting with her. Now I get spooked easy and have a hard time exploring the woods, but even my sister would be proud. I pushed myself hard and me and Anny went as far as my anxiety let me go.


We walked through the wall of green ivy and black berry vines to a hidden clearing under the trees.

IMG_5607 IMG_5608 IMG_5609

Although there were not many blackberries under there we saw a lot of pine trees and evidence of a fruit tree, possibly peach.

IMG_5612 IMG_5613 IMG_5614

The first picture is our trail out to the field. Anny is picking black berries for me since as you can see in the last picture there are HUGE fire ant mounds around the area.

We had to go in due to storms before we could finish searching for more blackberries.IMG_5616

We started more lettuces, radishes, and tomato. We are planting more tomorrow on the far row of the field not that we have gotten a plan together as to what to put there.

Love y’all! Chat with yas tomorrow!

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