One very full day of work!

Good morning,

 Our data for our internet is still off till Monday so I am posting early about Yesterday. We were all up and outside by 930 yesterday for our full day of work. We had a list of items that we needed to do this weekend as these are the only two days of no rain predicted for the next 10 days. First we started with planting some of the seeds we started inside a few days ago. We planted two types of lettuce and some more radishes in our veggie garden.IMG_5634.The we moved over to our crop field and planted some pumpkins, ornamental gourds and more okra. First though we had to weed the area we planted in on the outside edge of the field.

IMG_5635 IMG_5638

And there was one huge fire ant colony!


After this it was already lunch and nap time. After we got our youngest two down for a nap Anny weeded and planted more flowers in Marion’s Magical Garden. She got quite a bit done. It was a bitter sweet experience though as we had several Zinnia’s blooming until Trin and Lil man pulled them up.


Then is was mow and clear more land tim. I got almost all of the mowing done fairly quickly and then set Anny to clearing more of the black berry field. She got a huge section taken care of, but the area is still horribly over grown. In the pictures if you look on the left side of the first one you can see the straight line of cleared edging on the field. Now looking at the second picture you can see the brown area or lighter area that is what was cleared, it is about 5 ft deep and 15 ft long.

IMG_5639 IMG_5646

After working on the weed eater I finally got it going and worked around the brick shed with the fig trees.I will continue clearing this today.


After dinner we worked on the gate at the end of the crop field with the Muscadine Vines. Durbs used a chainsaw I used straight clippers and Anny used a rake and branch trimmers. We made some serious headway! The first picture is our before picture and the next two are different views of after. We did not cut down the Muscadine, just the privets. Today we will work on burning the stuff we cleared last week and cleaning up what we cleared around the gate.


IMG_5674IMG_5678Durbs and Anny tried a green unripened grape LOL I made them wait to try it until I could take pictures of their faces. The grapes were sour lol I advised Durbs they would not be good yet, but he wanted to try them anyways. And he convinced Anny to give it a try.


Durbs promptly spit out the remains but Anny did not. Durbs said it was horrible and Anny said it was interested. We all three were laughing quite a bit!!

Well everyone I am off here to go try some plum preserve recipes, clear more land, burn, weed, clean inside and out, and play! Chat with y’all tomorrow! Love yas and have a blessed day!


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