We have more blooms and tomatos!

Good Morning!,

Hope y’all slept good. We all went to bed late but slept deep. Yesterday Durbs went to his brother Alan’s wedding. He had a great time and came home just after our kids bedtime. He told me all about it and thanked me for bugging him to go. It was a nice evening off for him since he’s been studying and working on the homestead so much. I stayed home with the kids since we could not afford to have all of us take off. We are planning to take the kids to Gulf Shores for a morning off, probably sometime next week. As the weather and homestead allows.

We spotted more blooms on our cucumbers, and some getting ready to open on our zucchini and the squash.We also saw numerous tomatoes and many more blooms We are very excited and will be looking for more this morning, before the storms. Another blessing is that the tomato seeds I started two days ago are now ready to plant! We hope to get that done as well before the storms today. That is a larger task as we will we to make room for them in the veggie garden.

IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5683

We picked more black berries and saw many more red ones so we are hoping to get a few more lbs out of them. When we went down to the field Anny showed me the path she cleared to the patch. She did a really good job.


While she was in the patch me and the rest of the brats looked around the clearing. Trinity called to me and said look mom I am super strong!


After this great start to the day we went to work on our chores. Durbs poisoning the fire ant hills for me, Frankie playing and weeding the crop field, me cleaning up from yesterdays clearing around the fence and burning and weeding, Anny burning and weeding, Trin kept dad company and lil man helped me. We got some laundry done but put most of our inside chores off till this afternoon because of storms coming in.

We are already up and working for today. Durbs got up at 515 as our lil man decided he was up lol. Anny, trin and I slept in till 6am. Frankie is still asleep and is usually our sleepy head not joining us till around 8. I had better get going on my own chores! The mornings are my internet work time. Thankfully my oldest Anny has taken over the bread and cracker baking. She is definitely amazing in her abilities to just take over chores to help us out.I am very proud of her and do not even want to consider what we will do when she moves out. She has come such a very long ways since we moved here. Shes gone from a back talking, rude, lazy, messy teen to this sweet, respectful, hardworking young lady. The transformation is amazing!  Blessing be with y’all! Love yas! Chat tomorrow!

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