June is here! A month of excitement! Both Trin’s birthday and our 120th day are in June!

Good morning!

We have taken today as a slow day. It was supposed to rain most of the day but did not. Trin, Durbs and I all have a slight head cold with sinus pressure, drainage, cough and headaches šŸ˜¦ Anny has Band practice today and is there having a blast. I am so proud she has decided to follow my foot steps and be in band! She’s playing percussion another favorite of mine, something I have wanted to do for years now. She wont be home till 8pm so I will have to wait till then to find out how it went.

Yesterday we tried out a new weed control. We tried using white vinegar and the results are wonderful!

IMG_5696 IMG_5695

As you can see the picture on the left is untreated weeds and on the right is a few hours after application. Our field smelled like a salad, its low cost and effective control. I am very excited to use this, it will take days of work off our shoulders!

We finally planted our next set of tomato’s. I really like the way the crop field is set up so I decided it would be better to copy that style with the tomato’s.Since our soils drains very easy I decided to not put in buckets.


Frankie decided yesterday to count how many squash she saw starting on the plants. She only got 6 plantings counted and was up to 60! That was not even a fourth of what we have planted. Now the biggest ones are still very small. But we hope to have such a bountiful harvest! The picture is one of the biggest to give you a idea. They are still VERY small.


Last but not least, our chickens. We still have not completed the ‘yard’ for them. We hope to do that in the next week or so. And our babies, we separated today by gender, as far as we can tell. They appeared to be overly stressed being all together in one brooder so we split them. We think we have 6 Roosters and 11 females. We should know more in a few more weeks. Once we get the run moved to the yard we will put them outside for several hours each day. They are almost fully feathered out. But the turning toe issue has not resolved even with the addition of vitamins. This meaning we wont breed these, but instead will have to get meat birds or dual purpose chickens to breed for meat.


We are having chili tonight! I am headed out to have some delicious spicy food!! Love y’all, blessing with ya and chat tomorrow!

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