Our crop field is over a quarter of a football field!

Good evening!!

We have had a busy but good day. We started off trying to get outside by 8 to hunt for the elusive blackberries. We made it out closer to 9 though. Sometimes I envy families with either 1 or 2 kids instead of 4, but then I am reminded quite often how amazing my family is and we would not be complete without all of us. Frankie did not get to join us on our hunt this morning, she decided that refusal to do her chores was more fun. So she stayed behind to finish up. We have one gallon bag full now and we add roughly a cup or two each day. We will go again tomorrow morning, but Thursday we are hoping to get some beach time in. Durbs got another tree cut down, I will take pics tomorrow to post.

Our chicken are doing better in the two brooders instead of one. The older bunch is quite restless so we hope to complete the yard area for them this week or so. I will be updating the pics of our flock this week too so keep your eyes open for new pics!

And now for my major achievement. When I moved here I could hardly handle two hours of burning or hauling branches. Today I weeded my first full row of our crop field. Anny helped at the last 4-5 plants but that’s it I did the rest. It took from 945 to 7pm but I did it! I took several breaks as the heat was 85 but the humidity was 89. I would work for an hour or so then go inside to cool off and guzzle water. I can’t kneel or even sit  to pull weeds due to pain. I either bend-over over or do a half squat like position with my knees bent. This does not hurt at first but definitely works out the backs of the thighs, lower back and buttocks. So I am sore pretty much from the lower back to the backs of my heals. But looky at the pics! You can really tell and the pile of weeds is huge!

IMG_5705 IMG_5707

Now only 16 more to do LMAO. No not really, Durb is planning on cultivating several so we only weed the ditches on those. I will get another tomorrow if I can. And we hope to burn some as we added to the pile with the tree from today and the gate clearing last weekend.

Our veggie garden is coming along. The oak leaf lettuce is bolting. This means we wont be eating it anymore as it is going to taste very sour. I took a picture to show it. The taller lettuce is the bolting lettuce. We plan to remove them soon.


Durbs also fixed our issue with the trellis for the cucumbers. I have decided I will not use pallets as trellises due to the fact that even with nails you still have to teach the plant to climb it. That is too much work for us.


The way he set up the branches to hold up the wiring is how we plan to set up a fence. I can not remember the name of it but it’s not permanent, requires no digging, and required only nails besides the branches. Yes that is a broom handle instead of a branch in one area. LOL re-purpose and reuse! I am very impressed with his craftiness.

Lastly I got a surprise in the mail today!!!!!IMG_5702

It arrived 2 days early!!!! fabulous!!! I will attempt blackberries and plums soon, probably tomorrow! I am so freaking excited!!!!! Now if y’all want to send us some canning jars that would be great!

Well I have to go bake bread and crackers for tomorrow, we changed it to nighttime to save on AC as it’s in the mid 60’s at night. We open windows and such to help keep the house cool. Love y’all Blessing with yas! Chat with yas tomorrow!!

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