I got Saturday’s chores done today!

Good evening.

I have finally done it. I finally got ahead in my chores! I got the yard work we usually save for Saturday’s done today. That gives me a whole day free! I will most likely use it to finish up projects like the chicken yard or finish the hat I making Trinity for her Birthday in 11 days!! We will have a busy 15th as both me and Sarah have apts. Luckily Trinity loves to play at play grounds and my apt is near one. We still need to get a few small gifts. She really wants a soccer ball so we are going to look into getting one for her. Trinity also loves unicorns so I am going to try to make one if I can for her. It is kinda hard to make her things when she is always around and curious as to what I am making.  We plan on going to the beach next week if the weather and Durbs homework allow us too. We can’t wait for him to graduate next month!

Today while I edged and mowed the girls worked on their own projects. Anny started clearing the back yard of the over grown weeds that had turned it into a jungle. We will post a picture after she is finished, hopefully tomorrow.


Yep that’s our back yard.

Frankie weeded and then Durbs, Anny and I joined her for a little bit.

IMG_5801 IMG_5802

Frankie did almost all of the pile all by herself! And hung up 2 loads of laundry! One hard-working Girl!!

I told y’all I would post the picture of the Peach tree Durbs cleared around and we finally got one! You can see Ms Billie’s barn behind it.There are some small privets around it and some HUGE fire ant hills lol. This tree is loaded with peaches!


A week or so ago we planted pumpkins. We knew we would want some this fall so we tried for 6 plants. After the rains I got worried they would have washed away but nope. We got three sprouted!!

IMG_5795 IMG_5794

Our ornamental gourds we planted the same day are not sowing signs of coming up 😦 That is ok though since they were for selling or decoration only. Pumpkins my gosh, I am excited!!

Our soils was still dark and damp as we weeded so we saw no need to water. I did water our veggie garden and asked Frankie to water our squash. Both our tomatoes and squash are looking great!


This lil guy is about 4 inches long!

Our zucchini and cucumbers are looking fabulous as well! And…. GRAPES! not ripe yet but the vine is LOADED.


One last picture of our hardworking gals and our corn. Its getting TALL!


Well everyone I am exhausted and I am making plum jelly as soon as I get off here. I keep getting sidetracked from this but tonight I will get it made! Love y’all! Blessings be with you and chat at ya tomorrow!!

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