Taking a few days off the blog due to eye injury.

Good evening,

This afternoon my right eye got scratched. We went to the VA ER and they numbed me up, put fluorescent die in my eye and shined a black light on me. And the Doctor said yep my cornea was scratched all the way across. He asked if a cat got me. I said no my son was trying to grab my cheek and got my eye. He then looked at my right eye again and said you need to be seen Monday. So He gave me antibiotics and a referral for Monday. The scratch goes completely across my cornea. It shoud feel better in two days. If not then well the Eye doctor will hopefully have some good news. But for now  as my numbing meds wear off, I am in pain as if there are razors on my eye when I blink 😦 I can not see well enough to type. I have to gues at my letters based on key board position. I will have to delay writing on here till my eye heals, or until I can get Durbs to do some entries.

Love y’all, blessing be with yas!


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