A nice day of work and lessons!

Good evening!

Everyday we strive to make sure our children are learning something. Today we had several lessons happen and one major win for our youngest daughter Trinity! To start our day off Anny made bread and crackers. Now our yeast came not in individual packets this time but instead in one large bag. So Anny decided to guess instead of read the directions on the package or the bread recipe. She ended up doubling the amount of yeast required. I discovered this error before she was kneading the bread and had her double the recipe. The bread did not rise a second time and so our loaves, of which we have four, are very short. She was very unhappy with the results, but learned a valuable lesson of when guess work is not used.

Before lunch Trinity decided to thrash her room by pulling out every toy and dumping all the blankets on the floor. You could not see the floor and there was at least a foot of stuff on top of the carpet. Needless to say I was very upset at her bad decision. So I told her to pick up her toys and put her blankets on her bed. She is only 3 but she completed this large task in around 30 minutes and all by herself!!!Phenomenal work and we are extremely proud of her!


We did weed some today and we picked berries. And we burned which is when Frankie got her lesson for the day. As she helped me burn some branches and brush in the burn barrel we went over the basics of a fire. She knows now the three key components for a fire to start; Heat, Fuel and Air. She knows how to put out a small fire and knows in theory about large fires.  We had a blast guessing whether or not we would smother fire by dropping in large amounts of mulch. Most of the time we were wrong, no matter how much we dumped in the fire came leaping back up. I did try to keep the amounts of mulch fairly low so as to show her how much a fire can handle. I feel confident my middle gal can now handle keeping an eye on a small fire. Such a huge accomplishment!

Now lil man played a shape game with me this afternoon. He has now figured out square, circle, X, and triangle. The star shape he still get confused with a X. But he had a blast doing it and we will continue to work with him on his shapes and colors.

Now for our day off Yesterday. We went to Lake Martin and made Plum Jelly!!! We had a blast at the lake!

IMG_5822 IMG_5826 IMG_5834 IMG_5837 IMG_5840 IMG_5846 IMG_5891 IMG_5905

And we ended the Lake Martin visit with ICeCREAM!!!


After we got home and ate dinner, I had Anny help me make some Plum Jelly from the plums Ms Billie has given us. I also successfully canned them and so we do not have to refrigerate the jelly until opening. Now we did not get it very clear, but its delicious.


And today we froze our first batch of squash, which again I had Anny help. She now knows how to Blanch.

IMG_5917 IMG_5918

We also harvested Zucchini! Next up zucchini bread! We also got some crates for free o use as nesting boxes!!

Now about our troubles with our crops. Besides weeds and briers we also have fruit rot, which is on our squash not our fruit, and end rot on our tomatoes from a calcium deficiency. So we picked up some fungicide for our squash and lime for our tomatoes. We constantly pull weeds and use white distilled vinegar on the sprouts. We now have signs of stink bugs attacking our summer squashes and some other bug snacking on our okra. Every time Anny weeds she kills all bugs on the plants too. Our cabbage had something munching on it but we managed to take care of it. We have planted marigolds around our veggie garden, but none have come up. That is slightly disappointing but since it is summer and the girls help keeping the weeds and bugs under control are our fulltime tasks.

Last but not least Durbs has only 3 weeks left of his last class to his MBA! And I am enrolling in Oregon State University to complete my Bachelors in Agriculture!! Yeppers I have started the application and hope to be a student by the end of this month! So exciting! Well I am off here to work on crocheting Trinity’s birthday gifts! Love y’all, Blessings be with ya and chat with ya tomorrow!!


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