Trinity Turns 4!!!

Good afternoon!

We have now completed our two-day celebration of our youngest daughter turning 4 years old! Yesterday she dressed up in the dress Aunt Tina made for her and her Tutu, Anny also had her tutu on. Thank you Tina!! We had a bunch errands to run so we ate at Mcdonalds,Trin loves chicken nugget happy meal!She got a squirt gun toy and asked us to go swimming. We spent hours trying to find a place to swim. We eventually bought a 5 dollar pool from walmart and headed home. She went swimming in it that afternoon. Today we waited till after naps and had her open presents, eat cake and ice cream. Frankie read her birthday cards to her. Such a great big sis. Anny made the cake and decorated it! She got a soccer ball and a unicorn stuffed animal. The two items she’s really wanted. Now we are headed out to play! She loved her cards one from Frankie and one from Gpa and Nana!

IMG_6072 The tutu is under the dress, giving it a ball room gown skirt! Thank you Tina!

IMG_6112 Ms Prim at Mcdonalds! Did not make even a tiny mess.


We used rain water to fill the pool.

IMG_6133 Even Aubie got into the fun!


IMG_6167 Daddy light the candles!

IMG_6170 IMG_6179 IMG_6186 IMG_6188 IMG_6195 IMG_6202 IMG_6204 IMG_6212 IMG_6217

She loved the card Gpa and Nana!

Thank you everyone that has helped us get to this point. When Trinity was 9 months old she was diagnosed with ASD and we were told she needed heart surgery to live. At 2 years old she had her heart surgery and we were cleared to move by her birthday last year. The last summer she developed telescoping intestine and again stayed in the hospital. We were blessed again that she did not need surgery again. Now here we are with this angel 4 years old, and everyday is a blessing!

We could not have made it to this point without God, family, and friends. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

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