We had a intruder into our chicken yard last night.

Good evening.

So last night close to midnight I went outside to have a smoke(a bad habit I know). As I talked to our cat Katniss I started hearing some really loud animal noises, that sounded like a fight was going down fairly close by. I could barely hear my chickens but I could hear our goat Aubie. So I ran back inside got my boots on, got Durbs, guns, phone and flashlight. We went down to our coop to check out what happened. Durbs got there first because he had the flashlight. I only had my phone because all our AA batteries are apparently dead. He had the revolver and I decided on the BB gun. Our neighbors are visible through the trees on the back of our back yard and coop. I was worried if one of them was out i might make a mistake and shoot at them so I opted for BB’s. Durbs was down by the coop staring at the side where we attached the fence to the coop. I asked him if everything was ok, and he said the fence was messed up. He then went in and checked on our animals. Everyone was ok! WHatever it was it was bigger than a cat but it did not get into our coop! IMG_6164

The bent area is big, around 3-4 feet. We bent if back down and reinforced with sticks. But you can see from the picture NOTHING broke, NOTHING gave. We might have built our huge coop and yard for $300, but we built it super strong! We did not find where what ever it was got into the yard, but our gate was somewhat open so we figured it got in there. It had knocked over the chicken feed bucket, which was empty anyways as we scatter it now with Aubie sharing a space with them. I am completely impressed with the sturdiness of our work. I thought it would only act as a deterrent. Which is why we put the animals inside the coop at night. The coop had no signs of damage and no other fencing or wiring was damaged. This took only 30 minutes to fix and strengthen this morning. One thing we did learn, is we need more flashlights.

Blessings be with you, love y’all!

2 thoughts on “We had a intruder into our chicken yard last night.

  1. have yall looked into getting “niteguard”? They run about 20$ and are solar powered but have a battery back up. They blink a red led light that keeps predators away. My inlaws have them on their coop and have yet to be victims of predators. Sadly the neighbors have been victims of predators ( they dont have niteguard (old farmer “doesnt believe in it”) yet have been victims 3 times in the last year.)


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